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DeFi aggregators find ways to get you the best price on tokens and gas fees. Enter KyberSwap. They are a next-gen DEX aggregator which finds optimal rates for you. As a result, you can get optimized returns when providing liquidity in DeFi.

Earlier this week they added a new feature, KyberAI. That fits right into the latest AI narrative. It’s a trading tool equipped with AI-powered token scores, known as KyberScore. More on this shortly. So, let’s take a look at what else KyberSwap has to offer.

1) What is KyberSwap?

Let’s dive straight in and see what the platform is all about. First, KyberSwap connects to 13 different chains. Second, this includes well over 200 DEXes. 

However, their brand new KyberAI feature adds extra power. This currently connects to 4000+ tokens and 7 chains. A bit later, I will give you a more in-depth explanation of KyberAI. For example, with KyberScore, tells you how bullish or bearish it is on a token within the next 24 hours. 

For instance, if you look at the KyberScore for wETH. If you like the KyberAI findings, you can start using them. For example, you can find a wETH pool with an attractive ROI. This feature already made some great, spot-on predictions. You can view KyberAI as your own personal crypto research assistant.

KyberSwap also gives you the lowest gas fees. It uses the Dynamic Trade Routing feature for this. Because this is dynamic, the protocol can’t give you an estimate or comparisons. However, the way it is set up, it looks for the most cost-efficient option at that moment. This is part of what optimizes your returns as a liquidity provider. 

As such a liquidity provider, you can also customize the price curve in advance. You can use the Amplification Factor for this. You can use this when you set up a new pool. It improves capital efficiency and reduces slippage. And, as we saw already, you can use KyberAI to see which tokens and pools may work best. Now let’s look at some more features from KyberAI.

2) Features & Benefits of KyberSwap for DeFi Traders

First, KyberSwap Elastic allows you to set your ideal price range in liquidity pools. At the same time, it also allows you to get optimized returns. But what if we add Kyber AI to the equation? Besides the Elastic classic features, as, for example:

  • Customizable fee tiers.
  • Reinvestment curves: You can reinvest unutilized LP fees. This also auto-compounds your yield.
  • Customizable Concentrated Liquidity: Supply liquidity in a customizable and narrower price range.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Attack Protection Feature: It locks and vests LP fees for a short time. This protects them from sniping and “sandwich attacks”.

You can add KyberAI to this. So, you combine this with the regular KyberSwap features. This can get you better returns than a regular market maker. For example, you can find trending coins and spot opportunities. Get both appreciation and earn rewards in the meantime.

In mid-May, it predicted a Lido token breakout. In February, it already spotted other coins before a breakout; zkSpace (ZKS) and Skale (SKL). This is currently the hottest feature around. And I’m not only talking about KyberSwap. That’s all DEXes in general for you. This is the next level up in trading. So, time to look deeper into KyberAI.

3) What Makes KyberSwap Unique?

The newest and hottest feature on KyberSwap is KyberAI. The team developed a trading tool equipped with AI-powered token scores, This is known as KyberScore. The KyberScore model has been optimized to identify whenever a token has bullish or bearish potential in the next 24 hours.

In a nutshell, it has a scoring range between 0 and 100. The score that it shows, tells you what to expect in the next 24 hours for this token. A low score means a bearish prediction. On the other hand, a high score indicates a bullish prediction. Every 4 hours, there’s an update on KyberScore. It bases this on token data from the last 37 days. 

So, with the help of AI tech, the team managed to compress this prediction into a single number. As a result, the KyberScore currently works for 4000+ tokens over 7 chains. But not for stablecoins. Make sense, right? The video shows how I open the KyberScore. It also shows you how I find all the other features. It gives you a variety of background information. Some on-chain data criteria used, are, for example:

  • Number of trades and trading volume.
  • Net flow to whale wallets and CEXes.
  • Number and volume of transfers.
  • The number of holders and top holders.

KyberAI review

With these other features, you don’t have to rely on the KyberScore only. However, that in itself is a great feature, if I say so myself. It’s simple and straightforward and provably accurate. You can also use TA features, as shown here with MATIC. This gives you even more insights.

So, the AI software received training with on-chain and off-chain data for a token of the last year. This allows for many variables to be part of the calculation. It combines a variety of different factors to get the most accurate score possible.

And here’s something entirely different. It also provides you with information on bearish tokens. KyberScore works here as well. See in this video what that looks like. I use the CREAM token for this. So, it really is a universal tool. Once it’s accessible, you can, for instance:

  • Discover promising tokens.
  • Make a deep dive into these token data.
  • Add tokens to a watch list.
  • Get notifications for your fave tokens.

So, how do you like KyberAI? Is it something that you would like to use? If so, you can sign up for their KyberAI waiting list.

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