Privacy and decentralization in Web3 are coming back in a big, big way. For some of us, it never left. But if you are coming back around to it, then welcome. We need you.

To keep Web3 from unraveling into just a blockchain version of Web 2.0, we need privacy. And privacy matters. You should be able to transact with whoever you want even if your political leaders hate theirs. So today, 3 projects with the same crypto narrative that give us what we need.Β 

1) tomi

Our first token today is the tomi token, symbol $TOMI. Tomi has a super ambitious decentralized web plan, but it’s not a privacy coin on its own. Their plan is to build out an entirely decentralized internet. Not just one app or one ecosystem. The whole network. Like I said, ambitious.

And people are starting to discover it. $TOMI, it’s native token, just popped into the top 100 in market value.Β The best thing is, that this big bold vision of alternative internet they are creating is run entirely on private, encrypted, and decentralized servers.

After all, if you are a project building on Amazon Web Services, you can only be so decentralized since you are beholden to Amazon. But tomi doesn’t operate that way. They use encrypted servers.

Privacy and decentralization are great, but they also need to be accessible and convenient. And tomi is. Tomi uses the Ethereum blockchain and its tomiPay wallet supports many chains. Not just the EVM chains. It supports Bitcoin, Cardano, Solana, and many others.

And that’s what tomi wants. Fast, cheap, scalable, censorship-resistant transactions. Like I said, ambitious goals. As you are seeing it play in the background here, an open, decentralized, freedom-based internet is tomi’s goal.

More About tomi

Another part of tomi’s freedom-based internet is decentralizing the registered domain process. Instead of relying on ICANN, you can mint your own domain yourself. Over here tomi uses an exciting new business model where you:

  1. Mint the domain
  2. It goes to auction
  3. People bid on the domains they want
  4. You get 25% of the final bid amount because you minted it.

All the auctions end on May 15, 2024, and the highest bidder receives the URL domain permanently with no renewal fees. Their tomiBrowser uses IPFS and a decentralized cloud backbone to give you access to sites everywhere. Taking the best from Chromium, Brave, and Tor, this browser lets you surf quickly, productively, AND privately. A great combo.

It’s easy to support tomi’s decentralization & privacy venture by:

Right now, the $tomi token is available at Kucoin, Bybit, Huobi,, MEXC,, Bitget, Phemex or Poloniex.

If you like what you are hearing on this project, it’s currently trading at $3.2. Our friends at Coingecko tell us the most active markets right now are Huobi, Kucoin, and if you want to buy. Do you have a favorite privacy project? Let us know in the comments below.

2) Oasis Protocol

Oasis Protocol attacks privacy a little differently. First, they have confidential smart contracts. So, when you transact with someone else or another app, that will stay private. That’s a great start.

They are a Layer 1 chain and EVM compatible. And Oasis has its super cool OPL. OPL is the Oasis Privacy Layer. This layer is a plug-and-play privacy solution. Anyone building out a dApp for EVM can take this solution and add privacy to their app.

This is a big advance for privacy. Now we prefer it if someone builds with privacy in mind from the very beginning.

But this is an excellent solution for improving privacy all across Web3. And especially in the EVM ecosystem. As you know, it’s the biggest ecosystem in the industry. If it gets more private, then others will follow. All this, plus ROSE is down 24% in the last 12 months for no good reason.

3) Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is another one of our favorites in the privacy area. And this one has been beaten down. But for no good reason that we can see. They launched an ecosystem fund for $50 million to help it grow because they want to compete with and surpass Solana. That’s a stated goal of the team.

And they have their own on-chain domain name and ID service called AZERO.ID. You can both register your own domain this way and also use it as an ID to interact with other AZERO apps. This means more seamless app and ecosystem use for sure.

They’ve integrated with Ledger now too so Ledger wallet users can transact smoothly. So, they have some good stuff going on. Yet, they are beaten down too. Down 12% in the last 30 days and 35% in the last year.

I am confident in saying this poor performance is only a case of AZERO declining because we are in declining market conditions overall. All signs point to only positive steps forward for the project. At 85c, they are only 18c above the all-time low, bringing our risk/reward ratio down. Another good buy at the current price.

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