Why Atlas Prime Can Be the Gateway to Adoption?

The blockchain-based game Star Atlas is making it easier for players to enjoy their experience. This Solana-based project has given users more reasons to adopt its platform with the launch of Atlas Prime.

Let’s explore more about Atlas Prime.

Star Atlas Introduces Atlas PRIME for Solana Payment

Atlas has enabled users to pay Solana transaction fees directly on Atlas. The new payment solution is known as Atlas PRIME (Protocol for Real-time In-Game Microtransaction Ecosystem). It powers direct payments. And is also available to third parties such as wallets, infrastructure builders, and community developers.

The new service simplifies the payment process for users and allows them to have a seamless experience. In addition, it only requires that they hold one utility token: ATLAS. So, users no longer have to sign every transaction with Solana.

Aside from providing an easy payment method, Atlas also allows its users to have complete control over their actions with this new feature. Furthermore, Atlas PRIME is being offered as a pre-enabled facultative feature that the user can activate or deactivate.

Atlas PRIME: The Key to Long-Term Sustainability

Star Atlas plans to include the direct ATLAS payment feature in all Star Atlas products.  Reacting to the new service, Michael Wagner, co-founder of Star Atlas and CEO of ATMTA, said in a statement:

“Atlas PRIME adds another key pillar to the long-term sustainability and self-sovereignty of the circular Star Atlas economy. This additional ATLAS token utility is another step in bringing power to the people and enables the onboarding of the worldwide player base.”

The process of using Atlas PRIME is pretty simple. Users’ SOLs are covered by this new service when they pay transaction fees in ATLAS. ATLAS is tied to the market rate rather than converting to it directly. There is, however, a fee attached to the ATLAS-SOL exchange rate, which is determined by ATMTA and serves as a source of income for the platform.

Finally, Star Atlas plans to include more features in future expansions for the PRIME service. Some of the planned upgrades include support for auto-sign-on wallets, enabling multiple levels of protection for assets, and support for a variety of wallet functions.

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