This NEW Blockchain Project is About To Disrupt Crypto + Healthcare

What if I told you that you can now start monetizing your health data? You sleep well, and you earn rewards, you work out and you earn rewards, and that too without losing the ownership or privacy of your data.

The truth is that such a blockchain project exists. And that’s what this article is all about. Vyvo addresses huge concerns in the healthcare patient data market.

HealthFI on Blockchain

Technology and healthcare are looking for ways to get along. Patient record privacy and disclosure are the big obstacles to why they don’t work better together. Add the blockchain element, and there are only a few projects worth talking about. The biggest is probably STEPN. With it, you “move to earn” and use blockchain and tokens to track your progress and get paid.

But no one has cracked the code on using blockchain technology successfully with patient health care data. Until now.

Meet Vyvo

Vyvo takes the best of Fitness apps and wearable tech. Think like the Apple Watch to track your steps that adds the patient data element. Plus, it’s all on the blockchain. Imagine that you have a wearable device like a watch with a fitness app on it, and it tracks your data for you.  But then you can show or even sell that data to a research firm that needs it for experimental therapies.

It’s your data, and YOU have control. VSC has one major focus: to build an ecosystem that encourages you to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is the first heartbeat-powered ecosystem that rewards you for living healthier. What I love the most about Vyvo is that it addresses two major needs:

  • Health: Good health is the UN’s third Sustainable Development Goal. And Vyvo’s use of blockchain will disrupt the industry.
  • Data: Data is currently the new oil. And Vyvo places the control of your health data back on to you. So, you decide what you want to do. Vyvo solves three major concerns within the data market.
  • Data ownership.
  • Data privacy: Vyvo uses blockchain to provide privacy. And pseudo-anonymity. 
  • Data monetization: Vyvo’s reward approach builds a strong and diverse data ecosystem. This approach supports consensual data sharing.

The Vyvo Smart Chain also provides a secure and transparent platform for connecting users and researchers. Researchers struggle with access to verified data. But VSC provides a place to purchase authenticated health data.

How does Vyvo Work?

The VSC Network built its HealthFi ecosystem on the Vyvo Smart Chain. VSC uses a hybrid consensus and validation protocol: Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Sensing (PoSe) to ensure the authenticity of the data. This means that the individual health data comes from real people through real biosensors. No bot data here.

Earning on Vyvo is pretty simple. All you have to do to earn rewards is add a Data-NFT to an EVM-compatible wallet. Then, bind it to your wearable or IoT device. Vyvo uses its unique VSC-PoSe chip to verify acquired health data and encrypt it instantly. This ensures that research institutes and other healthcare companies can access only anonymized data.

Let’s talk about the $VSC token next. Do you currently use any wearable tech right now? Let us know your favorite gadget in the comments below.

$VSC: a Utility Token for a Purpose Chain

Vyvo Coin ($VSC) is the native coin of the VSC Network. It serves as a medium of exchange within the VSC ecosystem. $VSC is a utility token. Among the things you can do with it are:

  • Staking.
  • Using w/decentralized applications (dApps) in the ecosystem.
  • Rewarding users who contribute health data.

Several top crypto exchanges have listed $VSC. In October, crypto exchange MEXC announced that it is now listing $VSC. In addition to that listing, LBank Exchange listed $VSC in September. $VSC is currently on 4 exchanges:

  • P2B,
  • Bitmart
  • MEXC
  • LBank

It is also available in over 200 countries.

The Vyvo Website

A project’s website is the first point of contact for the project. So, it says a lot about the project’s ambitions. Most Web3 projects have complex websites. This makes it hard for new users to grasp and explore. But that’s not the case with Vyvo. Vyvo’s new, updated website details what the project is about.

The website gives you a fully immersive journey through the VSC ecosystem. You’ll easily learn about VSC’s stakeholders and dive deep into its blockchain protocols. The website also displays an eye-catching design of the VSC data mining ecosystem. It gives you validated data blocks and interactive animations providing real-time heartbeat estimates.

The website also contains a thorough explanation of the protocol’s tokenomics, including vesting and distribution. You can also see the Vyvo roadmap, team, and whitepaper on the website.

What does the Team think of Vyvo?

Vyvo is run by a team of well-experienced experts. Fabio Galdi is the co-owner and CEO of VSC Network. Galdi helped scale the People’s Network in his previous endeavors. The People’s Network became Italy’s second-largest internet service provider.

Galdi often lends his voice and insight on Web3-related issues. In one of his pieces. Galdi expressed concerns about the lack of data privacy at most Web2 companies. So, Galdi believes that the next Web3 evolution “isn’t just about decentralization; it’s about democratization.” To Galdi, Vyvo isn’t just a personal ambition. Instead, it is a response to a growing market need.

There are 2 needs: good healthcare data and control of your healthcare data. With Vyvo, you don’t have to choose one of the two. You get both. The market needs a solution to this problem and Vyvo thinks they’ve cracked the code on it.

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