Tectum is announcing the listing of its $TET token on the BingX exchange. The listing took place on March 20. This means users can now access the token on the exchange. The listing is a huge achievement for Tectum. It also reflects its goal of reaching more users. 

Tectum has made remarkable moves in recent months. And all of these increase the value of its $TET token. $TET recently surpassed the $5 million trading mark following its listing on Gate.io. So, the listing on BingX will bring more exposure to the token.

The listing on BingX saw massive participation from the Tectum community. Users who participated in the event enjoyed a series of rewards. This includes a 10% cashback on their initial net deposit. Also, Tectum offered a 10% reward to those who deposited three TETs or more.

Why the listing on BingX?

The Tectum team told us that listing on BingX was a strategic move. BingX is a crypto exchange that’s pretty easy to use and suitable for beginners. It also provides a wide range of services, such as

  • asset management,
  • derivatives trading,
  • spot trading,
  • social trading.

BingX’s simplicity and services make it a good exchange for users. Tectum noted that listing on BingX would aid its newer users. Most of these users are novices in cryptocurrency trading. BingX provides a less complicated environment for these users.

Where else can I buy $TET?

Some of our analysts place $TET as one of the tokens to watch out for in this bull run. $TET plays a huge role within the Tectum ecosystem. First, it serves as a support system for the entire ecosystem. It also gives holders priority access to their own nodes on the chain. $TET is also a secure payment system globally.

The $TET token also has some good investment options. Locking $TET on dedicated platforms provides huge returns once the lock phase is over. The token also supports yield farming. This way, holders can make extra profits from their tokens.

Thankfully, there are a couple of exchanges to access the $TET token. Here’s a list of these platforms:

  • Smardex – $TET/$WETH
  • Bitget – $TET/$USDT
  • Bitmart – $TET/$USDT
  • CoinW – $TET/$USDT
  • Uniswap – $TET/$WETH

And besides more exchanges listing $TET, Tectum is breaking speed records of the number of transactions per second too……

Earlier this year, $TET entered the top 200 by market cap. We can expect more remarkable feats from this token. The project has also been making several strategic partnerships. They had one with GetBlock. And another with Ator. All of these partnerships expand the network’s influence and value.

Tectum is all about ensuring faster and more efficient transactions. Tectum’s native token isn’t a speculative asset. It has real utility. So, it makes sense to keep tabs on Tectum’s $TET ahead of a major market run.

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