3 BULLISH Reasons For This Bitcoin L2 - Tectum TET

Have you been ignoring this crypto project in 2023? Do not ignore it anymore! Because both Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Ordinals are breaking records. To accommodate this massive growth, Bitcoin needs a Layer 2 that is capable of handling maximum transactions at blazing speed. 

And that Layer 2 is Tectum. Its token is flying as it’s up 675% in the last 365 days. And it is now positioning itself to be a bull run bet. In this article, I tell you the exact three reasons why we are super bullish on this project. At the end of this video is a bonus reason also.

What is Tectum?

If you are familiar with Tectum, good job. This means you are staying up to date with the latest and the best of the crypto ecosystem. Feel free to use the timestamps below to jump to my three strong bullish reasons. But if you are not familiar with Tectum, take a moment to understand what the project is about and why is it so valuable for the Bitcoin network. 

A transaction on Bitcoin can take up to 10 minutes. That’s impractical if you want to pay, for example, for a cup of coffee. This is where Tectum comes in. As a Layer 2 solution, Tectum enhances the transaction throughput and ensures faster, more efficient transactions.

But you would argue that we have Stacks, Rootstock, and the Lightning Network all out there to help Bitcoin scale. Then why Tectum? I asked myself the same question and in an attempt to find out the answers came across 3 solid reasons.

Reason #1 

So we already know that Tectum is a scalability solution and the project team claims that it is the fastest blockchain in the world. But is this a proven or tested fact? So I took a look at some numbers.

Recently, the team completed some speed tests. The results were quite stunning. They managed to push through 6 million transactions within a 4-6 second timeframe. So, that resulted in 1.3 million transactions per second. That’s quite impressive.

But something even bigger is coming up on Feb 25th. The Tectum team is gearing up for the upcoming World Record speed test. It would be a smart decision to keep a close watch on this event. But what does all this mean for you or me? This gave me my reason #2

Reason #2

Tectum token ($TET) has 4x in less than 2 months and is not just a speculative asset. It is a token with real-world Utility and has tangible utility within its own ecosystem. 

$TET holders find its use in paying for their travel expenses through partnerships with platforms like Travala and Travelcare. Additionally, the token is accepted by merchants like the Iron Viking Gym, facilitating retail adoption and real-world use cases.

Also, don’t forget as Tectum scales Bitcoin, it makes Bitcoin highly usable for real-world instant payments. And that is where I found my reason #3.

Reason #3

And that is its signature product, Softnotes. SoftNotes is a payment solution for any kind of payment. You can pay a small amount but also larger amounts with SoftNotes. This is in contrast to the Lightning Network which caters only to small and micropayments.

But there is more to it –  softNote can be sent over any messenger such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Discord over the phone with a serial number, or even printed out like cash with a softNote in it. And it offers maximum anonymity and privacy. 

Till now 1,729,131 softnote Bills have been minted and that means the Softnote system has a potential liquidity of $755,765,093. That’s an impressive number. Here comes a bonus point. 

Bonus Point

Tectum has been building and delivering throughout the bear market of 2023. We have been closely observing the Tectum team continuously working on enhancing its ecosystem to make it more accessible and secure for users. Recently, the Tectum team reduced the $TET staking requirement allowing more individuals can participate in staking, thereby enhancing network security and decentralization.

As of 15th February 2024, there’s a Total Value locked in T12 of $21 million TET. Such improvements contribute to the overall sustainability and growth of the Tectum ecosystem.

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