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At the time of writing this article, according to DeFillama, the DeFi TVL has grown 250% in the last 12 months. This has undoubtedly increased the number of DeFi wallets in use. 

However, DeFi wallets have still many miles to cover, and THORWallet DEX is out to supply the missing links in the DeFi sector. That’s why THORWallet DEX presents a one-of-a-kind wallet that allows users to earn 27% APY in native BTC, among other interesting features. In this article, you will discover all about THORWallet DEX.

What is THORWallet DEX?

THORWallet DEX is a non-custodial wallet where you can swap cross-chain tokens and earn passive income with them. You can download the wallet on iOS and Android and have full control over your keys. No KYC. No intermediaries.


Source: THORWallet DEX

Moreover, THORWallet DEX has the following features:

  1. Earning: The THORWallet DEX all-inclusive app offers security and higher returns. For example, 29% in ETH, and 32% in BNB on your liquidity pool positions.
  2. Trading Synthetic Assets so you can trade faster and at lower costs
  3. Swap Multi-Chain Native Tokens such as BTC v ETH v BNB
  4. Safe Environment for NFTs: The wallet offers a holistic NFT integration independent of the chain.
  5. One-of-a-Kind Mission Rewards Program: These mission rewards are paid in utility token $TGT. Watch this video to learn how to earn from THORWallet DEX.

And coming soon:

  • Lending & Borrowing for cross-chain DeFi
  • Savings accounts with lower rates than LP pools but lower risk as a single side investment.

What makes this wallet different is that it allow users to earn while they provide liquidity or invest in a multi-chain savings account. Furthermore, users who provide liquidity to trading pools receive a huge chunk of the generated fees.

Revolutionizing the DeFi Experience

The THORWallet DEX team said: “Our vision is to give users the chance to participate in the DeFi space the easiest way possible, directly from your mobile phone. Simply put, we offer all financial services a person needs but based on open, fair, and transparent DeFi technology.” Also, the team behind THORWallet DEX has a track record of success in the DeFi space. As a result, the project received huge support from its community on its launch.

Also, the wallet has raised a $3.4 million fund to continue its development. Additionally, the project is considering another fundraising round to accelerate its already rapid growth.

Invest in THORWallet DEX Premium Tiers and Earn More Rewards

The wallet has a 3-level tiered system that upgrades your wallet experience as well as your TGT rewards. And the higher tiers enjoy lower trading and liquidity fees. TGT is the native token and, as you can see, it has the same staking rewards for every tier. However, the liquidity fees, trading fees, and compound interest are what make them different. Start staking TGT and unlock the whole potential.

THORwallet tier system

Source. THOR Wallet DEX

It’s important to say that every user who holds one of THORWallet’s own NFTs will get reduced fees as well.


Here are the most important milestones for 2022:

  • Synth trading
  • Cross-chain savings, lending, and borrowing (as mentioned above)
  • Terra integration
  • New staking vaults
  • Launch of web-based exchange with same excellent UX/UI we have with the wallet
  • THORWallet DEX is implementing a fiat payment with no KYC for its app and webapp. It will be available in 171 countries. Expected for Q2/Q3-2022.
  • Credit card service with KYC. Expect for Q1/Q2 – 2023.

Finally, you can buy the native token, TGT, directly in THORWallet DEX and Sushiswap.

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