LFG Voting Live: Support Your Favorite Projects with JUP

This pivotal moment empowers JUP holders to shape the platform’s future by engaging in this crucial decision-making process.

The LFG initiative is more than an election. It’s a way for the community to back projects that match their vision for the ecosystem’s growth.

Shape Tomorrow: Cast Your LFG Vote

JUP holders are urged to stake their tokens and vote for their top two preferred LFG candidates for launch. Participating in this process, token holders influence project outcomes and contribute to Jupiter’s ecosystem success.

The importance of community participation cannot be overstated. Each vote is a building block in the foundation of a robust and innovative platform. Top-voted projects will get the resources and community support needed for a successful launch.

Moreover, the incentive to vote extends beyond the satisfaction of contributing to the platform’s evolution. Voters will receive a share of the launchpad fees, including rewards in both WEN and JUP tokens, from the first two launchpad launches. This offers tangible rewards to voters and underscores Jupiter’s commitment to shared growth and success.

More About JUP’s Votes

Yesterday, JUP reached a milestone with 110,000 users locking their tokens to vote on the LFG Launchpad, showing a strong commitment to the Jupiter ecosystem. This impressive turnout not only showcases the community’s active involvement and belief in the platform’s direction but also highlights the collective desire to shape the future of the projects that will be launched.

The engagement of such a large number of token holders is a testament to the strength and unity of the Jupiter community, further solidifying its position as a collaborative and forward-thinking ecosystem where every member plays a crucial role in its development and success.


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