Akash Network Partners with Coinbase Prime for AKT Custody
This partnership is crucial for institutions needing to hold AKT, as it enables Coinbase Prime’s custody services for $AKT

Coinbase Prime, known for its strong security and custody services, is the world’s largest digital asset custodian.

Coinbase Prime: Leading Custodian in Digital Assets

The platform safeguards 90% of Bitcoin in ETFs, underscoring its market dominance and global institutional trust. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and a notable client, highlights Coinbase Prime’s credibility and institutional trust.

The Akash-Coinbase Prime partnership aligns with rising institutional interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Institutional investors are increasingly looking for secure and reliable platforms to hold and manage their digital asset investments.

Adding $AKT, Coinbase Prime boosts its offerings and enhances AKT’s accessibility and security for institutions.

This is key for Akash Network, aiming to expand its reach and improve its decentralized cloud solutions. Secure AKT storage with Coinbase Prime reassures institutions using Akash’s cloud services of trusted custody. This may boost AKT adoption and the use of Akash Network’s decentralized cloud resources.

More About Akash Network

The Akash community has achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully deploying Grok on an 8x cluster of NVIDIA H100s. This milestone makes Akash the first decentralized cloud to run Grok, highlighting its support for high-performance computing.

The successful integration of Grok with NVIDIA H100s through Akash highlights the network’s potential to cater to advanced computational demands, setting a new standard for decentralized cloud capabilities.


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