Top 3 Altcoins Under $1 - These Will BLOW UP in The Crypto Bull Run

Crypto coins for less than a Dollar! That sounds great. But be aware, there are more features to look at than only the price in altcoins. Having said that, there most certainly are some altcoins that are a steal under $1. Once we get closer to a bull market, they can easily grow out of that $1 price frame.

In this article, I will guide you through three great altcoins that my research team came up with. This includes the reasons why you should be looking at these altcoins right now. 

There’s some big news happening with MATIC. The Polygon team is upgrading to a new token, POL. This goes hand in hand with their upgrade to Polygon 2.0. So, it’s going to be a whole transition process. POL is part of this. Just like MATIC, POL will have a max and total supply of 10 billion tokens. 

Over the next 4 years, you will be able to convert MATIC to POL 1:1. That will be regardless of whatever price MATIC will have at your conversion moment. A smart contract will take care of this. The great thing about this new token is that you can use it cross-chain. So, this includes, for example, the Polygon POS chain, the zkEVM chain, and the Supernet chains.

However, there will be a 2% emission rate per year:

  • 1% per year as a validator reward. To onboard and keep validators.
  • 1% for ecosystem support. To keep the ecosystem growing and developing.

Compared to MATIC, POL will be like a Swiss army knife. It will have plenty of new functions and features. But, with all the transaction fees from all these new chains, the POL price could go well over $1 in the future. Oh, and the current MATIC price is a real steal at under $0.60. 8 MATIC is available on BYDFi and you can avail of this offer on the link as we are their partners. So even Americans can buy MATIC directly now.

#2: SingularityNET (AGIX)

I’m not going to beat around the bush. But, SingularityNET and its AGIX token are the best AI project out there, at this moment. The team that’s running the project is on top of their game. It’s a high-impact team and they do deliver their roadmap!

For example, they partnered with Hanson Robotics. They are famous for building the first AI humanoid, Sofia. Hanson is one of the top-ranking AI projects currently available. In other words, a partnership implies that AGIX has the fundamentals all in the right place.

There’s also a Sophia DAO. It’s part of the SingularityNET ecosystem. This is an NFT gameplay with a marketplace.  Another feature to look forward to is the AGI-as-a-service. AGI is Artificial General Intelligence. This is part of their current roadmap. These are just some of the many features that AGIX achieved. 

Singularity also has lots of activity in GitHub. That’s an indication that the team keeps building. The AGIX token has also gone up by 283% during the last year. Its current price is $0.176118. The current price action is a good entry point.

#3: Osmosis (OSMO)

Here’s the third altcoins pick of the day. One of my favorite Cosmos ecosystem projects. It’s the Osmosis DEX or AMM (automated Market Maker). It’s the best place in the Cosmos Hub for swaps. Because it is inside the IBC, it offers cross-chain functionality. It’s also one of the top IBC projects in general. Staking OSMO gives an 11% APR. However, the inflation is similar.

It may come as no surprise that for the SEI airdrop, SEI added OSMO to its relevant chain. They didn’t even include ATOM stakers to receive their airdrop. However, as it turned out to be, you didn’t miss much on the SEI airdrop. But that’s a different story altogether.

OSMO 2.0

In June, Osmosis introduced OSMO 2.0. This has a revenue burn mechanism and more. For example, the Osmosis governance voted to reduce inflation by 50%. It shows the active role the Osmosis community has.

Osmosis also offers concentrated liquidity. This offers LP’s (liquidity providers) new options. So, when they buy or sell their crypto, they can specify a minimum and maximum price range. As a result, this feature can boost capital efficiency by 100x to 300x.

This in itself is interesting, since there’s also a different implication. To maintain the same volume, a DEX can have less liquidity. And it also doesn’t cause any slippage. There are two major key points in DeFi. That’s enhancing capital efficiency and the user experience. Osmosis is head-on tackling this. As proof we have this. An Electric Capital Developer report puts Osmosis behind StarkNet and Cosmos. That’s for leading with strong development.

Currently, OSMO is at its all-time low. However, I see this as the best possible entry point. Its ATH was $11.25. With a current price of $0.434853, that means a x26 to get back there. I do think that this is possible during the next bull run. And possibly more. So, do you own any of these tokens? Or let me know what other coins under $1 you like.

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