Top 3 Lowcap Cryptos Worth Holding Forever

Regardless of the SEC’s raid against crypto companies, the crypto market has remained busy as always. Although the prices of some crypto tokens took a hit last week, that’s absolutely normal. The search for golden gems continues.

One of the best ways to keep your head above water during this time is to adopt a profitable strategy. Everyone has their eyes on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other successful cryptocurrencies. But the top investors have learned to look elsewhere. They turn to low-cap cryptocurrencies with good market potential.

Our market is saturated with low-cap crypto projects. In truth, not all are profitable, and definitely not all are legitimate. So that’s something to watch out for. Thankfully, we’ve created a list of three low-cap projects we believe you should look at.

1) CHZ (Chiliz)

Despite having a small market valuation, investors are quite enthusiastic about Chiliz’s CHZ token. Chiliz has identified a unique offering and is actively promoting it. Chiliz was launched in 2018 with the goal of assisting sporting companies in increasing fan engagement through mediums such as collectibles, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc.

The sporting market is pretty lucrative. And over the past two years, we’ve seen more sports brands embrace blockchain. Chiliz is well-positioned to profit from this market for Web3 and sports.

Sports fans are pretty crazy about their team and would do anything to own a piece of it. And that’s what Chiliz seeks to offer them. They can purchase fan tokens of their favorite teams using CHZ as a means of trade.

Users can use these fan tokens to participate in important club decisions. They’ll also receive rewards for actively participating in the community. Chiliz has a unique long-term value proposition. Chiliz has already partnered with top sports brands and teams, such as:

  • FC Barcelona.
  • Juventus. 
  • Manchester City. 
  • Atletico Madrid, and many more.

chiliz review

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, Chiliz launched Socios in 2018. The platform caters exclusively to the sports and entertainment industries. brings crypto to mainstream attention and increases the value proposition of the CHZ token.

CHZ has been around for a while. It has seen both a pandemic and a bear market. This is a huge lure for investors in the gaming industry. CHZ has both longevity and market appeal. 

Despite possible challenges, the Chiliz cryptocurrency is poised to become a benchmark, luring a significant sports investor community to the markets. We expect it to exceed all predictions and become one of the standout players of the near future. 

As of this article, CHZ trades at $0.0668.

2) QNT (Quant) 

If you’re unsure about which crypto to go for, don’t worry. Quant is undoubtedly a project worth a glance at. It has great potential for success. Quant is an interoperable solution. It was introduced as an open-source, data-backed platform for DeFi applications. The project seeks to reduce transaction costs while still emphasizing transaction speed.

quant review

Source: Twitter

Quant allows all types of DLT (distributed ledger technology) to share data between networks. This includes blockchain, DAG, and Tempo. The grand idea is to increase the adoption of these technologies. And bring enterprise software solutions to markets that simplify DLT integration.

A lack of interoperability is a huge problem for DLT. And that’s what Quant solves. Quant allows developers to build robust applications. These apps are integrated with multiple chains and are easy to deploy.

quant review

Source: Twitter

This project’s technology has long-term value. And that’s enough reason to mark it.

3) MNW (Morpheus)

With China back in the conversation, it makes sense to invest in MNW. In addition, Morpheus solves a real-world problem in the supply chain sector. So far, it has one of the best approaches to optimizing supply chains. Here are some of their benefits:

  • It uses automated smart contracts for fast payments.
  • It allows payments in any currency, settled by SWIFT.
  • It is compatible with other chains.

morpheus review

Source: Twitter

As mentioned earlier, Morpheus uses blockchain to address issues in the supply chain world. It is only a matter of time before we see more businesses in the supply chain industry adopting Morpheus. And that’s going to be good for MNW tokens.

MNW has already shown good potential in the past. At the peak of the last bull run, Morpheus hit its all-time high of $5.46. MNW currently trades at $1.09. With the bear market coming up soon, projects like Morpheus stand a chance to see huge adoption.

morpheus review

Source: Twitter

That’s it for our list. We also advise that you do your own research before moving forward with any of these tokens.

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