Top 3 OVERLOOKED & UNDERVALUED Altcoins for Oct 2023

You got it all wrong! Wait, let me explain. All along this bear market have you been DCAing into only Bitcoin & Ethereum? If yes, then you have been missing out on some potential profit-making opportunities. 

In this article, I will be talking about 3 altcoins. They are at present undervalued and overlooked but have very strong fundamentals. But you might need to hurry as whales have started to take notice of these projects and are all filling their bags up.

1) Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is the first on my list of undervalued and overlooked projects. Chainlink is one of the earliest blockchain oracles connecting the crypto market to the outside world. So, Chainlink allows blockchain apps to access data outside their network. And there’s been a growing need for these kinds of solutions, which is promising for LINK.

Chainlink launched its Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) on its mainnet in July. And that took the project to another level.


CCIP creates a standard communication system between different chains. We can say it connects different DeFi platforms with different chains. CCIP already supports Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon. That’s not all. Top DeFi lending protocols Aave and Synthetix have also adopted CCIP.

Chainlink’s CCIP also has an application for traditional finance platforms. Chainlink said the CCIP will create a private-public dynamic that will give traditional finance access to digital assets. Chainlink already has partners in the traditional finance space, such as:

  • Swift.
  • BNY Mellon. 
  • Citigroup. 
  • BNP Parabens.

But why haven’t all these been reflected in the price? That’s because people like you and I tend to ignore it.

Every coin within the top 20 assets by market cap except LINK saw negative returns last week. LINK had one of the best performances in the sector. But that doesn’t mean much, except that people pay more attention to it for the gem that it is.

There have also been increased wallet activities. Data from Santiment showed that there’s been over 3.99k unique active LINK wallets. This is the highest wallet activity recorded since July.

2) Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium was one of the most anticipated blockchain games. But the price of the game’s token has fallen greatly over the years. Nonetheless, Illuvium has great fundamentals, which should be our focus. So, Illuvium is a decentralized studio building the first interoperable blockchain game (IBG) universe on the Ethereum blockchain.

Illuvium provides games with top graphics and sci-fi adventures. The team focuses a lot on ownership for players. So, it leverages blockchain technology to give players complete ownership over their in-game assets. This game has several features that help it stand out

Layer-2 Integration

The IlluviDEX: Illuvium also features a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. Users can use this exchange to trustlessly exchange Illuvium assets, including Illuvial NFTs. 

  • Yield Farming: About 3 million ILV tokens equivalent to 30% of the maximum supply, are allocated to the Illuvium yield farming program. Illuvium stands toe-to-toe against other games like Axie Infinity. Most people prefer Illuvium because of its easy-to-understand nature.

The number of unique active wallets on Illuvium has increased by 20.28%. The transactions also surged by 26.53%. Illuvium has serious potential among blockchain games. But, we probably haven’t seen its best because it’s been overlooked.

3) Goldfinch

And last today, we have Goldfinch. Goldfinch is a leader in the RWA narrative. That’s real-world assets. Many believe that tokenization of real-world assets is a big use case for blockchain. If you do, then Goldfinch needs to be on your radar.

Goldfinch already has $100 million in active loans out in the marketplace. And they pay investors like you and me 7.8% on USDC deposits into their pools too. They’ve earned $100k in fees in the last month putting them on pace to earn over $1 million in fees over the next year.

Remember, right now, fees and revenues are down across the entire industry. There’s almost no new liquidity coming into the market. Yet Goldfinch has the 4th fastest-growing TVL in crypto last week. Up 11% or $1.4 million.

Investors are finding Goldfinch. So we should not ignore it. They have a great selection of projects to invest in too like:

  • African Innovation
  • Latin American Sustainability
  • Carbon Reduction Fintech
  • keep your coins in the protocol for 7.8%.

Terms on the loan programs run from 24-37 months while your 7.8% is variable and you can access it sooner if needed. You can use your USDC to lend to real businesses all around the world. 

Isn’t that cool? And Goldfinch is definitely in the ignored category when you look at its value. Its TVL including loans is a little over $100 million. While its market cap is only $25 million.

Goldfinch has $11 million in its Treasury. That means the value of its loan business is only $14 million. Uniswap trades at a 1.01 market cap to TVL. GFI, the native token of Goldfinch,  is trading at 0.42. A fraction of that. According to DeFillama, Just to get up to the same market cap to TVL as Uniswap would be a 4x for Goldfinch holders. This is definitely an ignored project. And you can take advantage of that.

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