Top 3 SLEEPING GIANT Altcoins on my Radar

Imagine if you had magical powers to have one of your wishes granted. What would you wish for? I bet you’ll want to find the next Bitcoin in the crypto market. I do too! Getting your hands on some crypto before the next bull run is one way to amplify your portfolio. And the good thing is that our market is never short of quality projects. 

But not all the good altcoins are currently being noticed. Some projects are simply flying under the radar with massive potential for growth. We’ve researched three good under-the-radar cryptocurrencies that will be a great addition to your portfolio. These projects have the right fundamentals and are already racking up good numbers. It is only a matter of time before the market starts noticing them. Let’s get to them.

1) Oasis

Oasis is one of our Altcoin gems. And our interest in it is not about hype. Instead, we believe that this sleeping giant has the right values to succeed. So, Oasis has: 

  • A good ecosystem.
  • Solid funding.
  • VC support.
  • Excellent narratives coincide with AI.
  • Privacy-focused.
  • There’s also good development activity on this project.

Oasis is a layer-1 blockchain with a good emphasis on privacy and scalability. The Oasis network allows developers to build privacy-focused applications. It separates the execution of smart contracts from the consensus mechanism process. Oasis also provides a safe design with high throughput at a low cost.

As I said earlier, Oasis rides on the AI narrative. And if you’ve been watching the market. You’ve realized that AI tokens are going to be massive in the next bull run, which, by the way, is coming soon. So, the AI crypto space is getting crowded already, but it’s pretty impossible for Oasis to get drowned in the crowd. And that’s because it focuses on privacy.

Privacy isn’t one of the best strengths of AI. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest concerns about AI, and that’s what Oasis addresses using the infrastructure of its partners. Oasis also enhances the confidentiality of existing dApps on any EVM network. The big bet on Oasis is that lots of developers will adopt it for its privacy features. But that’s not all Oasis offers. It also brings scalability to DeFi by enabling private smart contracts and a high capacity to tokenize data.

Oasis is working to establish itself as the foundation of the Web3 space. It uses its privacy-focused services to support critical pillars, like:

  • Decentralized identity. 
  • Decentralized society.
  • A responsible data economy.
  • Data sovereignty.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the crowd shows interest in this gem.

2) Arbitrum

Arbitrum has one of the fastest-developing blockchain ecosystems. Although the ARB airdrop gained massive attention, the Arbitrum project is still under the radar. This project isn’t seeing the spotlight as much as it would during the bull run. So, Arbitrum could easily pass as one of the standout layer 2 platforms and scaling solutions for ETH transactions. The numbers supporting Arbitrum’s growth don’t lie.

About 4.8 million users are leveraging Arbitrum to improve performance and security. These users have saved a collective $1.1 billion in Ethereum gas fees since the project launched. There are some reasons to stay bullish on Arbitrum:

  • There’s strong development and onboarding of dapps daily. Arbtirum’s TVL is on the rise, showing the growing activities on the platform.
  • The arrival of native USDC on Arbitrum unlocked new possibilities for the network. This means developers do not need to bridge to access USDC on Arbitrum.

Although the ARB price has fluctuated recently, there are going to be some improvements in the token’s price. That’s because Arbitrum is looking for new use cases for the token and ways to increase user retention. Now, let’s talk about our final token.

3) Immutable X

Many believe that NFT and gaming projects have not lived up to their potential. And that might be true. But we could see a huge resurgence of interest in both sectors in the coming bull market. And if that happens, Immutable X is well-positioned to be the standout project in that sector. Immutable X has reached some impressive milestones so far. It has already completed over $50 million in trading volume since its launch.

The Immutable X platform is powered by Starkey. Starkey is a ground-breaking zero-knowledge-proof technology developed by StarkWare. It offers impressive throughput at a zero gas fee. Immutable X provides developers with the tools needed to design quality in-game assets.

Why do we believe in Immutable X?

It has a good ecosystem. There are lots of top-quality games in this project. Some include:

  • Illuvium.
  • Ember Sword.
  • Gods Unchained.
  • Guild of Guardians.
  • Undead Blocks.
  • Planet Quest.

We expect more developers to build their games on this project in the coming months. Increased developer activity means more value for the IMX token.

  1. It has a good list of partners. Some top brands have invested in Immutable X. And that’s a good thing for long-term survival.
  2. The project has good liquidity.
  3. It uses good technology.
  4. It has a well-experienced team behind it.
  5. A good utility for the IMX token. IMX is a governance token. Users can also use it to pay transaction fees and receive staking rewards.

Immutable X has the right ecosystem and fundamental value to thrive. If gaming and NFTs take the spotlight again, we could see Immutable X soaring. For our American viewers, you can get the IMX token on the BYDFi campaign.

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