Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Discover and Manage Airdrops

Twitter, or X, is a must-have resource for crypto investors. You could have an interest in gem-hunting, GameFi, DeFi or even NFTs. With Twitter, you can get early alpha for any of these categories.

Needless to say, there’s a ton of alpha on Twitter for airdrop hunters as well. Today, we’re going to look at the top 5 Twitter accounts to discover and manage airdrops.

1) Chase

Chase is one good account to help you discover and manage airdrops. He is very active in this space. On top of that, he provides news updates on the crypto space too. As of today, he has over 136k followers on Twitter. With that, you can safely say he’s a top crypto influencer.

What I like about Chase is that he provides in-depth airdrop strategies. He does not merely interact with blockchains alone. He dives deeper by exploring their Decentralized Applications (dApps) as well. Of course, he then shares this info with his followers. Also, Chase writes good step-by-step airdrop guides. As an airdrop hunter, you’ve got to give him a follow.

2) Olimpio

Next, we take a look at Olimpio. Here, Olimpio has got a huge Twitter following of 177.2k as well. That’s because this account provides a ton of info on:

  • News.
  • Airdrop Strategies.
  • DeFi.
  • Yield Farming Strategies.

With so much alpha provided for free, it’s no wonder Olimpio is a top airdrop influencer today.

What I like about Olimpio here is that he provides news on the crypto market frequently. As we all know, crypto is a fast-paced space. Any news that you miss could lead to missing huge gains. Olimpio provides “Alpha-Packed Round-Up” tweets. Simply put, these are summarized news in the past 24 hours. This ensures you won’t miss any of the latest news.

3) Ardizor

If it gets boring for you to discover and manage airdrops alone, Ardizor may be the right account for you. That’s because aside from airdrop alpha, Ardizor provides gem hunting info too. Indeed, with his 117,600 followers on Twitter, many people like the content he puts out.

In the above thread, Ardizor talks about 11 other Solana projects. By interacting with these, you could be receiving some sweet airdrops. What I like here about Ardizor is that he focuses well on current trends. As an airdrop hunter, it’s tough to “grind” for every project in the crypto space. Ardizor puts alpha on popular projects, so you can focus on airdrops with the best returns.

4) Mingo Airdrop

Mingo Airdrop is very different from Arbizor. If your focus is to discover and manage airdrops, then Mingo Airdrop is for you. Mingo’s main focus is solely on airdrops. In his tweets, Mingo covers a wide range of projects. So, if you aim to get many airdrops, then Mingo has the advice to help you. Currently, Mingo has a total of 109,300 Twitter followers.

What we like about Mingo is the focus he provides. For crypto retail investors, many of them are starting small. Even getting a 10x on their portfolio might not give them large returns. By complementing their portfolio with regular airdrops, their gains could further compound. That’s where Mingo fills the gap!

5) Leshka

The last account to follow on our list to discover and manage airdrops is Leshka. Aside from airdrops and DeFi, Leshka tweets about NFTs too! So if you’re interested in NFTs, don’t pass up on following Leshka!

Today, Leshka has a total of 51,700 Twitter followers. What I like about Leshka here is his all-rounded content. By covering DeFi, NFTs, and airdrops, his followers can receive alpha in many areas of the crypto space. On top of the above, Leshka has been covering a lot in the crypto Venture Capitalist (VC) space too! You don’t want to miss out on this alpha.


Voila! That’s the top 5 Twitter accounts for you to follow, to discover and manage airdrops. Now, what are you waiting for? Give all of these great accounts a follow! It’s free to follow them on Twitter. Who knows, you could be earning yourself some huge airdrops in the process.

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