Top Projects Unveiled For Runestone Holders – Part 2

This is the second part of this article. You can read the first part here.

Let’s discover more Runestone projects.

1) OrdiNOLs on Ordinals

OrdiNOLs on Ordinals is a recent project by Degentleman. Here’s what Runestone holders get out of this. 50% of the OrdiNOLs PFP and NFTs supply will be available for free mint.

Fun fact: Runestone holders will get most of the supply for free mint. 

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Runestone holders have a lot to gain from holding Runestone. Runestone’s approach is intentional, getting Runestone in front of every eye.

2) Unnamed Collection

Another package for Runestone holders. Whitelist spot? Yes. Runestone holders can apply for whitelist spots in the upcoming drop of the Unnamed collection by Bonz. This collection is unlike anything. There are 112 pieces, each available for minting for as low as $0.005 BTC.

The Unnamed collection features unique features on tangible and physical assets. Each ordinal in those 112 pieces can be a physical, handcrafted piece of glass by Bonz. Handmade products are second to none, created with creative prowess and skilled hands. Speak of artistry that pays attention to details—we have Bonz.

Are you a Runestone holder? You can secure a whitelist spot by replying here and giving solid reasons why you deserve to own a piece of that artifact. Are you into Arts and everything beautiful? Give reasons to win the whitelist spot and get one of those crafted artifacts.

3) Kitsune

Kitsune has 3,333 PFP collections. Now, here’s the catch for Runestone holders. By filling out this Form, you can access a GTD whitelist. Hurry up; it is only accessible to 200 random holders. You could be lucky if you try.

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And for the third tier of these partnerships and projects, we have one more on our list.

4) Runestone Art Challenge 

This art challenge is coming to an end. Many artists have released their fine art pieces and launched their Open Edition. In all this, a few of these ongoing art claims stood out. For example, we have:

The Little Yggdrasil by Artserge.

Honey Runestone Edition by nooge.

The Runemaster by Arno from Earth.

Holders are eating healthy in crypto: the airdrops, whitelist spots, artifacts, and so much more. It’s not too late to become a Runestone holder.



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