NFTs: The New Airport Loyalty Reward

Instead of classic air miles, how about collecting NFTs instead? That’s precisely what Lufthansa started doing. They used their Miles & More frequent flyer program, to launch Uptrip.

This is their new loyalty platform. So, let’s see how Lufthansa uses NFTs as a frequent flyer mile program.

Lufthansa’s Uptrip Loyalty Program with NFTs

Uptrip allows you to collect NFTs during every flight you take with Lufthansa. Flying with their partners also counts. Together, these combine 38 million users. These include, for example:

  • Swiss.
  • Austrian.
  • Brussels Airlines.
  • Eurowings and more.

Lufthansa and Uptrip use the Polygon blockchain for this purpose. You can collect over 20 different collections. Currently, there are over 400 trading cards available. These include, for instance, cities, like Rio, Singapore, New York, or Lisbon. But you can also collect planes, like a Boeing 747, an Airbus A320, or an Embraer 190. Or how about special flights, like a New Year’s Eve or cross the North Pole flight?

You can sign up with your iOS or with an Android. It works easily and straightforwardly with these four steps:

  1. Scan your boarding pass.
  2. Choose two cards for your personal collection.
  3. Complete collections.
  4. Redeem awards.

Rewards come in a variety of options. For example, in air miles, Wi-Fi on flights, business lounge vouchers, and more. Since its introduction, the program has already had 20,000 users. It also distributed already over 200,000 trading cards.

So, to recap, Lufthansa is up and away with Uptrip. With this new loyalty program, they offer NFTs. In turn, you can collect the NFTs and redeem them for rewards. Furthermore, Lufthansa joined dozens of other major brands and companies that already joined Polygon. For example, Starbucks, Disney, Stride, or Adobe.



Source: Uptrip 

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