Rabby Wallet, Your Alternative Ethereum Compatible Wallet

Ethereum is still one of the most used blockchains. However, many people are not happy anymore with the existing Ethereum-compatible wallets. That’s why we introduce Rabby Wallet to you. This is a great alternative to either MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

So, let’s have a look at what Rabby Wallet has to offer.

What Is Rabby Wallet?

DeBank is the company behind Rabby Wallet. This is a Chinese company, founded by Tang Hongbo. However, they reside in Singapore. They track DeFi protocols, currently well over 800 spread out over 15 chains. DeBank also raised $25 million in funds for development.  There were some well-known investors involved. For instance, Coinbase Ventures, Crypto.com, Circle Ventures, and more.

One of their development areas was with the Rabby Wallet. This is an Ethereum-compatible, non-custodial wallet. In other words, it connects to all dApps that MetaMask supports. But, it has more to offer. So, here are three features that make this wallet stand out.

1: Multi-chain. Currently, Rabby connects to 44 chains. But the great thing is that Rabby will automatically switch to the correct chain. You don’t have to manually switch chains anymore. However, you can set up a manual switch, but the settings only work for that specific chain.

2: You see what you sign. This is a great feature because this wallet shows you exactly what you sign. This is in contrast to most other wallets. So, no more signing of transactions that you don’t understand. It shows you what your balance will look like after the transaction. See the picture below.

Special features in the Rabby wallet

Source: Rabby Wallet website

3: The wallet scans pre-transaction risk. Another great feature. Rabby screens each transaction before you can sign it. It will warn you if the transaction may fail or if there’s a security risk. It will also tell you if the address was previously under attack. Furthermore, it will also tell you if the address doesn’t exist on the chain. See the picture below. 

Rabby Wallet
Source: Rabby Wallet website

They update their security rules on a regular basis. Rabby Wallet also underwent various audits.

How to Set Up Your Rabby Wallet

Setting up the Rabby Wallet is super easy. To clarify, though, it’s only currently available as a Chrome and Brave extension. Firefox and Edge versions are on their way. Follow the following steps for installation:

  • Download the Chrome extension and open it.
  • Now you can either set up a new Rabby address or import an existing address. For instance, you can import your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • If you set up a new address, write down the 12-word seed phrase. Make sure to store this in a safe and secure place.
  • You can also import your MetaMask. You have two options – either import the MetaMask seed phrase or the private key. That’s all you have to do. You’re all set to go.
  • Besides hot wallets, like MetaMask, you can also connect to hardware wallets. For instance, to a Ledger.
  • Now, all your tokens across all EVM chains are visible to you in the dashboard. See the picture below.
Tokens in wallet
Source: Rabby Wallet

Before you can start writing down the seed phase, the wallet gives you ample warnings. This emphasizes the importance of storing your seed phrase in a safe and secure place. Furthermore, keep in mind that you should not store your seed phrase on your phone or laptop/PC. See the picture below.

Set up
Source: Rabby Wallet

However, before you start using your this wallet, you may see the following message:

“MetaMask is in use and Rabby is banned.”  

This means that MetaMask is set as your default wallet. You can click on the “flip” button. This will make Rabby Wallet your preferred or default wallet. See the picture below.

Rabby Wallet
Source: Rabby Wallet

Rabby Wallet also shows your NFTs in a well-organized way. You can see them, and the wallet shows you all Ethereum and Polygon NFTs you own. The wallet should show NFTs you own from all 44 chains the wallet connects to. Furthermore, all NFTs are also in specific collection sections. In other words, the NFT section of the wallet is efficient and easy to navigate.

This in contrast to other Ethereum-compatible wallets that don’t show you your NFTs at all. I like it when a wallet is this well set up and organized for my NFTs. See the picture below. The yellow arrows show you the different chains.

Source: Rabby Wallet

The Rabby Wallet seems like a perfect alternative to other Ethereum-compatible wallets. What I like about it are its three main features. The automatic change to the correct chain. The screening for potential risks. And Rabby shows you the transaction before you sign it. Furthermore, the wallet also has a well-organized NFT section. I have installed my Rabby Wallet, imported my MetaMask, and am about to start testing this wallet. 

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