Top 3 Altcoins in Avalanche AVAX Ecosystem

Remember Solana, Avalanche, and Luna from the last bull run? Luna took a tumble during the bear market, but Solana and Avalanche? They’re still holding strong! Today, our spotlight is on Avalanche, where some of the hottest projects of this bull run are setting up shop.

Avalanche (AVAX) isn’t just any blockchain. It’s one of the top EVM-compatible chains out there. And let me tell you, the team behind it has been making some serious moves lately. With so much happening in Avalanche, we’re diving into three of the top projects you won’t want to miss! Let’s get into it!

1) Beam

Blockchain gaming is leveling up big time on Avalanche, and one platform leading the charge is Beam. They have a mission to shake up the gaming world by being chain-agnostic. Starting as an Avalanche subnet, Beam’s now branching out, teaming up with big names like Immutable and Polygon Labs to bring you the future of gaming.

At the heart of Beam is Sphere, a marketplace designed just for gamers. Think of it like your one-stop shop for trading in-game assets hassle-free. Beam isn’t just about gaming; it’s about giving players true ownership over their digital goodies.

So, why should you be hyped about Beam? Well, for starters, it’s becoming a central player in Avalanche’s buzzing ecosystem. Plus, they’re scoring major partnerships left and right, like the recent ones with Polygon and Immutable. This means Beam’s Sphere is about to become THE place to be for trading game assets across different titles.

But that’s not all! Beam’s been busy beefing up its features, too. Take Account Abstraction, for example. It’s like having a universal gamer profile that lets you seamlessly switch between games without missing a beat.

So, if you’re all about gaming and you’ve got your sights set on Avalanche, Beam is where the action’s at.

2) Trader Joe (JOE)

The next on our list is Trader Joe. Trader Joe is the leading decentralized exchange on Avalanche. Dexes are the engine behind the DeFi ecosystems. That’s how important Trader Joe’s is to Avalanche. 

So, what’s Trader Joe all about? Well, picture this: it’s based on the AMM (that’s an automated market maker) design, first made famous by Uniswap. This means swapping tokens on Avalanche is pretty smooth – super intuitive, and super easy. Trader Joe isn’t just an average DEX. It’s a whole ecosystem! They’ve got everything from a liquidity farming platform to a token launchpad and even a lending protocol. 

Plus, they’re serving up some impressive rewards with their staking service. Stake your JOE tokens, and earn some extra goodies– simple as that!  And speaking of JOE tokens, they’re not just for show; they’re your ticket to governance. And they help you get a piece of the trading fees.

But wait, there’s more! Trader Joe’s got its sights set on the NFT game too, with its very own marketplace right there on the Avalanche blockchain. Yep, they’re covering all the bases. So, if you’re looking to dive deep into DeFi on Avalanche, Trader Joe’s is your one-stop shop.

3) GMX

GMX is our third Avalanche project for today. It’s one of the top decentralized exchanges.  Picture this: you can trade cryptocurrencies, whether it’s spot or perpetual contracts, straight from your wallet! How awesome is that? GMX first hit the scene on Arbitrum One back in September 202. It recently expanded to Avalanche. 

Now, why should you care? Well, GMX isn’t just your average exchange. It focuses on giving you a smooth trading experience with low swap fees, and trades that won’t budge the prices. And leveraged trading up to a whopping 50x with ETH, USDT, and AVAX as acceptable collateral.

GMX boasts over $144 billion in trading volume since its inception. Its fee model has attracted over 336,000 users and sustained an open interest of over $111 million.

GMX brings something extra to the table with its multi-asset liquidity pool, GLP. This feature lets you earn rewards —from market making to swap fees, leverage trading, you name it!  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, boosting your capital efficiency and dishing out some amazing yield on your deposits.

And let’s not forget about the native GMX token. Holding onto these tokens not only gives you governance rights but also opens the door to a whole buffet of staking rewards. Plus, with over 83% of circulating tokens staked, it’s clear that the GMX community is all in!

GMX isn’t just about trading; it’s about community vibes! This platform thrives on community-driven initiatives, creating a space where everyone’s voice matters. With the powerhouse combo of Arbitrum and Avalanche networks, GMX is setting the stage to dominate the decentralized derivatives trading market.



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