Binance to Drop TRC-20 USDC Support
This follows Circle’s end of USDC on Tron, marking a significant shift in Binance’s digital currency dealings.

USDC is a key stablecoin linking traditional fiat and the growing crypto ecosystem.

Binance Ends Support for TRC-20 USDC Transactions

Its peg to the US dollar provides a level of stability and trust that has been instrumental in its widespread adoption. Ending USDC support on TRON by Circle and Binance highlights a strategic shift with a significant impact on its users.

Post-cutoff, TRC20 USDC deposits won’t credit, making this transaction method obsolete on Binance. Binance users must switch from TRC-20 to USDC to avoid trading disruptions.

It’s important to note, however, that this change is specific to the TRC-20 network. Binance has made it clear that trading of USDC on their platform will continue unabated. Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals of USDC via other supported networks remain unaffected. This maintains USDC use on Binance through other paths, protecting diverse user interests.

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