If you want to expand your crypto portfolio, there are always very interesting altcoins that are coming to the market from time to time.

Let’s explore 3 altcoins that you should add to your playlist.

1) Akash (AKT)

So, let me kick this off with Akash and its AKT token. It’s part of the Cosmos IBC. I have another Cosmos Hub token coming up today, so stay tuned for that! Akash is all about storage. To be more specific, GPU storage. And as faith has it, I will also be showing you another storage project later on. However, that won’t be about GPU storage. Anyway, more reasons to keep watching.

The GPU industry is booming. You’re most likely familiar with NVIDIA, right? They’re one of or possibly the biggest companies that produces GPU. Their revenue had a hiked and went through the roof. 5 Its stock is now up 233% year-to-date. In the S&P 500, they’re currently the best-performing stock.

Well, Akash, in the crypto space, is not far behind. The AKT token is up 67.5% over the last 30 days and 205% over last year. The current price is currently around $1. 7 Only a month ago, it was still at $0.60. I don’t expect it to drop much more, so, right now, there’s a great entry point opportunity.

Render (RNDR) is another GPU-related crypto project. However, it looks like Akash will have the cutting edge with a more viable approach to business. So, Akash allows you to have your own cloud. You can set this cloud up with your infrastructure, to your liking. Unused cloud resources you can sell to other users. Or, the other way around, you can buy cloud resources from somebody else. 

Akash is an open Supercloud network. It has a ‘reverse auction” system. With this system, you can get up to 85% cheaper prices compared to other cloud services.

2) Injective (INJ)

For my next project, Injective (INJ), I stay in the Cosmos Hub and its IBC. Injective is an app or application-specific blockchain. This means that it caters to a specific use case. For Injective that is Finance!

So, all apps run on their own blockchain. However, they all link to the main chain. This gives the best possible scalability. 3 As a result, Injective already has an impressive ecosystem.

Their user numbers keep rising. Injective also has a strong team that keeps shipping innovative products. For example, they revolutionized smart contracts. That’s with their dynamic Dapps. These have a powerful CosmWasm smart contract layer. This offers auto-executing smart contracts.

I have been covering Injective regularly. You may want to look up these videos in which I discussed Injective. So, their biggest catalyst is Injective 2.0 This has a new burn mechanism for their INJ token. It increases the number of weekly burned INJ tokens. Almost all their tokens already circulate. To date, the protocol already burned over 5.7 million INJ.  

With 2.0, the protocol can even burn more INJ. So, Injective already had great tokenomics. However, adding deflationary prospects surely added more hype. As a result, the token is up by 350% over last year. Injective is a much talked about project. During the next bull run, it might do well. Any drop to below or around $6 is a great entry point.

3) Arweave (AR)

And here is my second storage project for today, Arweave (AR). About a month ago, I had this 2-minute explanation video about Arweave. You may want to check this out. Here’s the link. Arweave offers decentralized storage, like Filecoin. However, Arweave has better tokenomics and a better UI (user interface). Their general UX (user experience) is also a lot better.

So, people, nowadays, produce a lot of daily data. We’re looking at 328 million terabytes per day. 1 terabyte equals 1024 GB. That’s a staggering amount. So, we need a place to store all this. 

Arweave also offers data storage for AI-related projects. They need, for example, historical data. Arweave provides this option for storing data that AI requires. In other words, Arweave is active in two pillars with a high potential for growth. These are storage and AI. You can also find Arweave back in two sectors. These are storage and dePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks).

In both sectors, it ranks high, with lots of room for improvement. Arweave is superior to all other competing projects. GPU projects, like Akash and Render, are not even direct competition. Although I expect them to do well during the next bull run.

Currently, with a $4.13 price, AR is still in a dip, and it hasn’t recovered yet. Hence, any price range between $3.50 and $5 is a good entry point. Its ATH was $89. That’s a x20 to get back there. I see AR going well beyond that x20 in the next bull run.

So, how do you like my three picks for today? Are you already familiar with any of these projects? 

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