Bitcoin is showing impressive price movements, and leading altcoins are starting to rally. Everything around the crypto market points to the fact that a bull market is near. We don’t know if it’s going to happen in a month, six months, or maybe a year.

But what we do know is that top traders are stocking up their portfolios, and we want you to do the same. If you don’t have a strategy but would like to start accumulating, then this article is for you. We’ll show two Cardano projects with huge potential to do 20x jumps. These projects have shown remarkable movement from their bear market bottom and could do up to 20x.

1) Lenfi

Lenfi is a decentralized non-custodial protocol. It enables users to act as depositors and borrowers in a peer-to-peer manner. Furthermore, Lenfi enables depositors to provide liquidity by depositing funds with pre-set terms into any liquidity pool to earn passive income. Also, borrowers can use the liquidity pools to take an overcollateralized loan.

LenFi’s pooled lending is a huge game-changer for the Cardano ecosystem. It revolutionizes how borrowers and lenders interact within the DeFi space. This way, it makes it easy for people to access loans. 

Lenfi’s pooled lending also increases liquidity in the ecosystem. LenFi enhances the total amount of money that is available to borrowers by pooling funds from several lenders. In addition, Lenfi’s pool lending promotes financial inclusivity. It enables those with less wealth to take part in lending activities. This way, it lowers the entrance barriers and gives more people access to DeFi. 

So in terms of its value proposition, Lenfi is a good bet. Vacuumlabs has also audited this protocol, providing some form of credibility. In terms of documentation, Lenfi has a lightpaper and some members of the team are active on social media.

Furthermore, Lenfi has a good portfolio of partners within the Cardano ecosystem. All of these have contributed to its rise in recent months. Let’s look at its numbers: LENFI currently trades at $3.84, which is about 21X from its bear market bottom of $0.1775. The figures are impressive. And there’s a possibility it could go on to hit up to 30x in the coming months. 

2) Mueliswap

MuesliSwap is the first decentralized exchange on Cardano. It provides the Cardano community with a smart contract-powered trading platform. Mueliswap provides services such as classic order book swaps, liquidity pools, AMM swaps, staking, and farming. 

Also, Mueliswap enriches the Cardano ecosystem with its features, which are not limited to trading tokens. It also provides a decentralized token launchpad and an NFT marketplace. The MILK token serves as the platform’s native token and is a governance token. 

Mueliswap has all it needs to succeed on Cardano. There are lots of tokens listed on its DEX, and it has already been audited. In terms of documentation, Mueliswap has a published whitepaper alongside other important documents.

The MILK token currently trades at $5.17, which is around 9x from its bear market low of $0.49. As we know, DeFi protocols will see a resurgence in the next bull market. And Mueliswap could rely on Cardano’s growth to see as much as 20x and surpass its all-time high of $7.63.

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