Top 5 Crypto Gaming Gems! BULLISH 1625% Growth

It’s hard to think of a sector that’s taken more of a beating than games. But all signs point to the worst being over. And the big picture still shows that blockchain games are expected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion in 2027. That’s a growth of over 1625% in the next 5 years. 

Lots of games didn’t survive this market. But we have our eyes on 5 that did and are positioned to thrive. Who will become part of this soon-to-be $65 billion market? What games will see this 70% growth each year for the next 5 years in the crypto gaming sector?

1) Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play hero shooter game by QORPO, one of the top game studios making games with amazing graphics and dystopian themes. Unlike most blockchain-based games, Citizen Conflict leaves behind the questionable play-to-earn model and supports the monetization layers with publicly accessible esports tournaments and in-game asset ownership.

Citizen Conflict has successfully celebrated the winners of the debut tournament with a $10,000 prize pool powered by Qtum Foundation, 35 contending teams, and 9800 active players pushing toward the 10k capacity limit. 

Have you missed it? The QORPO team is back with the Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 this August. Join in and vie for victory in the upcoming tournaments. In the meantime, you can take part in the community voting in QORPO ID. 

Voice your opinion and help QORPO shape the game before it’s out. What’s your favorite game right now? Let us know in the comments below.

2) Banksters

Banksters take its name from how the crypto community sees central banks. And those legacy institutions with a positive twist that you can beat them in their own game.

But Banksters is more than just a game. It’s one of the first gamified trading simulators built for Web3. It takes people from Web2 and teaches them how Web3 works, while they have fun with their friends and make money. It’s the game you want to use as your secret weapon to onboard your family and friends into crypto.

In an easy way, it teaches you how to use the most important aspects of Web3. Such as: trading, mining, and NFTs to your advantage. The concepts you learn include:

  • Market psychology.
  • Risk management.
  • Technical analysis and much more.

You won’t even notice as you and you’re friends are learning because you’ll have so much fun playing. Empowered by your success in Banksters you can directly apply the knowledge you earned. For example, real-world trading, mining, and NFTs. So go out and play it at Banksters.

Gamers, which game is capturing your interest right now? Let us know in the comments below.

3) Monkey League

Monkey League is a Solana-based game where you play 6 – 6 soccer but with the strategy of chess behind it. I know it sounds weird. But it’s pretty fun, unlike most blockchain games.

You play and earn as you get new skills and it’s all tournament style. Just like a team trying to climb the English Premier League table.

But it’s also turn-based. This means you take a turn and then your opponent. That’s where the chess-like strategy comes in.

You can see in the background, it has great graphics and some cool game footage.

4) Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City combines that famous real estate game you know with cool Web3 graphics and the potential to earn real money through NFTs that you buy, sell, and trade.

Although only NY is live, other world cities are coming online so maybe you can own land near Rockefeller Center or the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, while staking your claim in this online real estate game.

This is one where you can have fun playing a game you already know AND you can really make some money.

Our games expert said you could make as much as $500 per week if you played this game seriously. But even if you earn only a fraction of that while still having fun, isn’t that really what it’s about instead of a game so boring it feels like a job?

5) Alterverse

Imagine Dubai in the future and in the metaverse. This is what Alterverse looks like so far. Alterverse’s Sky City definitely could be a space-age version of Dubai. Other major cities such as London and New York should come online soon.

Alterverse uses Unreal Engine to build both a Free to Play and Play to Earn game. You can buy land, mint, sell and rent your own NFTs, and fly around from place to place like the Jetsons. Here is some cool game footage.

Sky City is like The Sandbox. It’s the hub and it’s free. You can go from there and buy anything you want from skyscrapers to small commercial spaces to homes and apartments just like any real city.

Their halospheres are like city barrios like Hell’s Kitchen or Chelsea or Park Slope Brooklyn and all of them join together at the Sky Hub as the center of activity.

This metaverse has some of the best graphics we’ve seen and we think it could become a big player in this space.

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