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Smart contracts are an important part of crypto apps and protocols. Yet they are all gated to their networks and can’t talk to each other or share much information.

And that’s limiting for their reach and scalability. Until now. The biggest advance in smart contract tech is here and PARSIQ has it. Welcome to PARSIQ’s Reactive Network and Reactive Smart Contracts. Let’s discover how this altcoin is solving important problems.

Introducing Reactive Network & Reactive Smart Contracts

Imagine if you are playing a game on Avalanche but most of your stablecoins are on BNB Chain. You want to use your stablecoins to buy a new weapon for the game immediately once you level up. With existing smart contract technology, this is impossible. Why? First, one chain can’t see the info on another chain. Then there is the signature confirmation and requirement. You have to make that payment manually.

Even oracles that do a lot of heavy lifting on sending data back and forth between on-chain and off-chain are little help. Because this is on-chain to on-chain from one chain to another. Doesn’t it seem like with all the cool things crypto can do we should be able to do this? An action on Avalanche like leveling up when playing Off the Grid should be able to trigger a purchase using your USDT on BNB Chain. And yet we can’t. Until Now.

Reactive Smart Contracts, a huge tech upgrade in smart contract tech from PARSIQ, allows this. Oracles bring info like Bitcoin price from off-chain to on-chain actions in smart contracts. With Reactive Smart Contracts, the contract itself will be compatible and readable across all EVMs. So an action on AVAX can trigger an action on BNB. Without having to pay gas to both networks to see it.

That comes with the Relayer Network. It’s like a block explorer for real-time data and an on-chain super oracle in one. Here are 3 more use cases for Reactive Smart Contracts

Use Case 1: DAO Automation

Many in the industry think DAOs will grow and become a legitimate form of holding and operating a crypto project. And an important part of that is governance. The idea that the community decides on important issues of the protocol is vital to a DAO’s effectiveness.

So imagine if you could take a DAO vote on a governance issue. It doesn’t matter the issue. Maybe it’s a burn program or an increase in platform fees for users. It doesn’t matter.

Now imagine if once the vote is done and the decision is final, a smart contract automatically kicks in to implement the new policy. Existing smart contracts can’t do that. But PARSIQ’s Reactive Smart Contracts can.

Plus, PARSIQ’s Reactive Smart Contracts are written in Solidity too. This means that any developer anywhere in EVM can write this type of smart contract and implement it at any compatible DAO. Provided they vote in favor of it, of course.

Use Case 2: Full On-Chain Trading Arbitrage

Next is for you traders out there. Arbitrage. A reminder. Arbitrage is a risk-free trade. For example, you can buy USDC on Optimism for 99.5 cents and sell on Polygon for $1.01. That 6% potential profit on the same asset comes with no risk, as long as you aren’t paying more in fees and bridging costs.

That’s a risk-free trade. That is arbitrage. So you’ve probably guessed now that if we can view and access cross-chain information for free, then we can look at DEX prices for lots of different assets including ones that trade all over EVM. There are many possibilities including creating a trading bot that gets data from one network to trade on another.

Or just look for capture and trade price differences with all info on-chain and no need for any off-chain components like oracles. The conditional logic, which is where if A happens then that triggers B, can even include from one smart contract to another.

So if a liquidity pool you like is now paying 20% instead of 12%, you can program and track for that. Then it automatically tells you or deploys your money depending on how you set up the contract. It’s intent-centric infrastructure. The apps work based on your intent like searching for a higher interest rate in liquidity pools. Pretty cool. Traders and DeFi users are going to LOVE it.

Use Case 3: Web3 Payroll Management

As we’ve mentioned before in other videos, PARSIQ is a leader in Web3 infrastructure. Those tools that all projects need. Usually, we talk about tech tools when we talk about infrastructure in this way. But, this use case for Reactive Smart Contracts is way more practical as it’s something all businesses need.

Payroll Services. Yes, every business needs a good system for how it pays its people. Imagine as a business being able to automate the process of managing payroll and making payments. All automatically and all on-chain. Set for every month or every 2 weeks or whatever your pay cycle is.

With a PARSIQ Reactive Smart Contract, you can do this by setting it once. It’s set it and forget it. And it does it on time each pay period as long as the paying wallet has enough money in it. Plus, all the on-chain features of doing payroll allow for easier data management and documentation for the company.

Now think about if you are an employee. You know that just like an automatic ACH or SEPA deposit in the US or EU the transfer will happen on time each pay period. It gives both employees and contractors more confidence in who they are working with and that they can pay you.

Crypto projects can also set this up on a short-term basis with consultants in a smart contract for the amount and the term. Their payments are then automatic too. This is one-way Reactive Smart Contracts help bring crypto payments to the same level of convenience that Western banking does. But not only for Western countries. For everyone no matter where they are.

As more updates come we will have more articles on PARSIQ’s Reactive Smart Contracts. We will look at some great applications for AI and gaming so stay tuned for those.  Check out everything new with PARSIQ’s Reactive Network on the Reactive Network Twitter handle.


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