NEXT CHAINLINK? WAN - Is Wanchain the King of Interoperability?

53.3% pump in 7 days! Yes, Chainlink has been pumping like crazy. But this article is not at all about Chainlink. In fact, it is about Wanchain. Then why did I start with a mention of Chainlink? Was it a clickbait? Kind of yes but let me explain myself. 

We all saw recently, what happened to Chainlink. It suddenly grabbed everyone’s attention with whales, SWIFT, Google Cloud, AWS, and then this massive pump. But Chainlink was an undervalued gem for a very long time. And Wanchain is exactly like Chainlink, it’s building and delivering, and still, it is an undervalued project. But that is good for you because you still have an opportunity to get in early only price-wise.

Otherwise, Wanchain is already connecting 30 blockchains and its cross-chain bridge transaction volume is $624 Million. And all this with 0 hacks. But to trust me, you need to watch this video.

Wanchain Background

Wanchain is the OG of bridges. In fact, we call them bridges because Wanchain named them. And you know how important they are in moving money across chains. As you see playing in the background, the combination of speed, good price, and safety are all important to a quality bridge.

Especially the safety part. Wanchain has never had a hack or theft on any of its bridges. Why is that? We’ve told you this before but we wanted to dig into why this is. So we are going to ask the Wanchain team in just a minute. As you see the answers to these questions, we think you will see where there is hidden value in the project and its $WAN token.

Do you bridge between chains often? What bridges do you like to use? Are you concerned about safety in your bridges? Let us know in the comments below.

Answers to Common Questions from The Wanchain Team

Wanchain is THE expert in bridges. And while we explain what they do pretty well, their team explains it even better. So we have Temujin Louie, the VP of Marketing at Wanchain here to answer a couple of questions we were curious about.

Back to the question of why Wanchain doesn’t suffer bridge hacks that others have in the past. We know it’s not luck. But why is it? Temujin explains here that their collaborative approach with protocols as well as important entities like the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance allow for bridges to do only their most essential work. They are not susceptible to hacks compared to others that have large “you may have heard of this term before” attack vectors.

Then we were curious if the public recognized how secure Wanchain’s bridges are. One way we can tell is if bridge volume goes up after a hack on another bridge. Here Temujin confirms what we thought that the public does consider safety important. After a bridge gets hacked, Wanchain does in fact see more volume. After the popularity of the XFlows program you can bridge across chains but receive native tokens of the 4 most popular assets in crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and USDT.

We asked what chains Wanchain be adding to their more than 30 where they bridge now. Here you got some good hints of where Wanchain will go next based on either successful L2s or places where USDT and USDC are native. The L2 bridging is particularly helpful because most L2s ONLY bridge back to Ethereum

But what if you want to bridge from Arbitrum to Polygon? Or Arbitrum to Optimism? With Wanchain you save steps in the process, time, and money with their bridges. So, if it’s not there already, Wanchain’s fast, cheap, safe, and dependable bridges could be coming to chain near you soon.

And while you are at it, you should definitely check out their XFlows to seamlessly move popular assets between chains. With Wanchain, you know it will be safe.

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