In 2022, the gaming industry saw a value of $4.83 billion tagged to it. This number will exponentially grow over the coming years. Many experts expect blockchain gaming to play a major role in this development. 

So, time to look at some promising crypto gaming ecosystems for 2024, emerging from the Asian market.

1) Ronin Chain

The Ronin Network appears to be one of the busiest crypto gaming ecosystems. This transpires when we look at active wallets. It’s EVM-based and targets developers to build their P2E (Play to Earn) games. In other words, you play games and can earn crypto rewards. These can be in-game tokens, other crypto tokens, or assets, like NFTs.

For example, Axie Infinity calls this crypto gaming ecosystem its home. This is currently one of the biggest blockchain games around. The Ronin Network is purpose-built for blockchain gaming. The platform also has its own Ronin Wallet.

crypto gaming ecosystem

Source: Axie Infinity

2) Astar Network

Astar Network now has Astar 2.0. According to their website, they’re building the unstoppable. Their home is in Polkadot, and they have a strong position in Japan. The Astar Network is also aiming at developers to build on their chain. Thus, building their ecosystem. Astar offers, for example,

  • Staking 2.0 
  • Tokenomics 2.0 – Offers, among others, a lower inflation rate.
  • Startale – A tech firm enhancing Japanese Web3 adoption.
  • Astar zkEVM – A new L2 solution with zk tech.
  • Astar Foundation – Looks after the project.
  • Astar Link – A hub that connects all current fragmented layers of the blockchain space.
  • Governance – Governed by the ASTR token holders.

3) Oasys Games

Oasys Games is a blockchain devoted to gamers. They have no gas fees in their games.  Furthermore, they offer a mix of public and private blockchain technology. Oasys targets both gamers and developers. The chain offers two layers:

  • The Hub Layer, which is like layer 1. It connects to thousands of Verse layers. It offers network stability.
  • The Verse Layer, which is the layer 2. Developers can build their Dapps on this layer. It’s fast and scalable.

Oasys uses Optimistic rollups between the two layers. These move computation and state storage off-chain. So, they execute transactions off-chain, but post the data to mainnet.

4) Iskra World

Iskra focuses its attention on both players and developers. The more they take part, the better their rewards will be. Iskra has a unique reward system, based on blockchain technology. These rewards come 100% from platform fees. The platform offers a variety of features. For example:

  • Noncustodial wallet.
  • DEX.
  • Market.
  • Governance staking and voting.
  • A Mission card NFT system.
  • Launchpool.

You can gain Contribution points (CP). The platform bases these on your activities. For example, do you run a network node or do you stake and vote? And, of course, do you play games? A higher CP gives better and more rewards.


XPLA is a Layer 1 blockchain that serves as a hub for digital media content. It offers the tech know-how and tools to bring Web2 games to Web3. The platform also offers interchain operability. It is EVM compatible but has a Tendermint engine. This is from the Cosmos Hub.

There’s also a game-specific website, XPLA Games. This is for gamers and offers various games.


MARBLEX is already on its 3.0 version. However, there are two companies that build and expand their ecosystem. These are MARBLEX Games and MARBLEX Partners. They offer high-quality AAA games. AAA is a classification that indicates a high-budget and high-profile game. 

The platform has blockchain content partners in BNB, Near, Aptos, and more. As strategic partners, it counts Binance and Google Cloud among its backers. Among others, MARBLEX offers a wallet, an explorer, a swap, and an NFT marketplace.

7) Intella X

Intella X aims to make Web3 gaming easy. The platform also offers a ‘Proof of Contribution’ service protocol. This measures a mix of off-chain and on-chain data. Both the developers and the users are then rewarded with USDC tokens based on these metrics. Among their platform features, you can find, for example,

  • Their native wallet.
  • A DEX.
  • An NFT marketplace.
  • A launchpad.
  • Bridge.

Intella X currently offers a $10 million gaming initiative grant program.


The crypto gaming ecosystems are on the rise. The Asian market is a big playing ground for gamers and developers. So, that’s why we are taking a look at the biggest 7 projects in the Asian crypto gaming ecosystems.


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