Apeiron – Battle Demo Review

An intriguing new entry to the blockchain gaming space is Apeiron. Gamers play as powerful god-like beings who shape the destiny of their own planet. In addition, cute creatures called Doods inhabit said worlds, and they will follow the player as the player performs miracles on behalf of the Doods. The developers of Apeiron offered Altcoin Buzz the chance to play the game in its current format.

Apeiron will feature multiple modes of gameplay when completed, such as planetary exploration, dungeon combat, and world-building. At the current time, the blockchain game is offering players the ability to take part in the Battle Demo. Therefore, the current player experience focuses exclusively on dungeon combat. So how does the game handle delving into dangerous dungeons? Read on and find out!

Dungeon Basics

The game offers players the option to select what depth of dungeon they wish to enter (1, 2, or 3). Naturally, the lower the number, the easier the dungeon. Each dungeon features multiple stages. Moreover, at each stage, the player chooses an option from the handful presented (usually three to four). Sometimes, the options are all the same while, at other times, players can choose from different activities.

Aoeiron dungeons

The options usually available are:

  • Normal Fight – A straight fight against AI opponents. However, fights could feature a single group of opponents or multiple waves.
  • Elite Fight – This option represents a tougher fight for the player. Just like the normal fight, there could be a single wave or multiple waves of enemies.
  • Shop – The shop offers various potions the players can purchase, such as healing potions for the player’s Avatar or the player’s Apostles (Doods who fight alongside the Avatar). However, it should be noted that shops have a finite inventory and said inventory will differ from shop to shop.
  • Campfire – The campfire gives players the ability to get some much-needed rest. This activity offers three choices to the player: heal the current party of Apostles by 50% HP, heal the Avatar by 50% HP, or revive one random dead Apostle.
  • Boss – This choice leads to a knuckle-dragging, slobber-knocking fight against a powerful boss creature.
Apeiron shop

Winning a fight gifts the player rewards, such as riches to buy potions, experience to level up Avatars and Apostles, and new Apostles who join your ranks. Once a dungeon is completed, the player earns another reward for doing so. If the player loses and their Avatar dies, they have to start the dungeon over from the beginning.

Avatars, Apostles, and Cards

In Apeiron, the player is represented by the Avatar, a being of god-like power. The full version of the blockchain game features three different Avatars to choose from, but the Battle Demo offers the Wisdom, which is a powerful caster. Furthermore, each Avatar boasts abilities and skills, and players can level these up by spending skill points earned from gaining levels.

Apostles serve as companions to the Avatar and come in different roles. These roles include the Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Guardian, Hunter, etc. For example, the Guardian serves as a party’s tank, utilizing their defensive skills. Meanwhile, a Hunter serves as a ranged DPS with not that many hit points. Avatars and Doods can level up by gaining experience by winning battles.

Apeiron Apostles

An interesting mechanic of Apeiron is that the skills of the player’s Avatar and Doods create the deck of cards that the player uses in combat. The player can acquire many Apostles but only use four of them during a fight. As Apostles get a number of random skills, this means that there is nearly an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to deck construction. Players will be swapping out Apostles to create the perfect party, and this party makeup will definitely change as Apostles get wounded or die during a dungeon run.


Fights in Apeiron are fast-paced and can be hectic. Players control their Avatar, but the Apostles act independently. You will be constantly moving during combat, and you’ll be witness to a great amount of mayhem as direct attacks and AoE attacks take place. However, it is easy to see the health of your Avatar and Apostles as their bars are clearly visible on the screen (over their forms) as well as a display on the left side of the screen.

Apeiron fight
Fight Setup

The game shows the suggested level of the player’s party when listing normal and elite fights, as well as boss fights. In this regard, Apeiron is not joking. I tackled a boss that was a few levels above my party level, and the boss wiped the floor with my Avatar and Apostles.

Overall Thoughts

I have to say that playing the Apeiron: Battle Demo was really fun. I really enjoyed taking part in engaging in dungeon fights. The game’s visuals are colorful, and the Apostles are darn cute. The gameplay is fast-paced and fun. Even more so, there’s a lot of complexity woven into the game, such as choosing what skills to raise, which Apostles to use in your party, and what choice to make at each stage in a dungeon. Do you choose to fight to gain some experience and riches, or do you choose to visit a shop instead to stock up on some potions?

Apeiron campfire

What is fascinating is that the Apeiron: Battle Demo represents just one component of the overall game. The full game will also feature world-building, NFTs, planetary exploration, and more. Overall, I had fun destroying the unrighteous found in the dungeons through the powerful combat abilities of my Avatar and Apostles.

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