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Earlier last month, Theta launched its long-awaited Metachain. With this, creators can now create their own subchains. In turn, a whole new paradigm of content distribution emerges. Back in April last year, we covered Metachain and what it means for Theta and its users.

Since then, the Theta team has delivered on their promise. Now, if you’re bullish on the Theta token ($THETA), you may want to stick around. Today, we reveal the top 3 Theta wallets for storing your $THETA.

Without further delay, let’s jump in to Wallet #1.

Wallet #1 – Ledger

First out of the top 3 Theta wallets is Ledger. Ledger specializes in building hardware wallets. These signatures include:

  • Ledger Nano S Plus.
  • Ledger Nano X.
  • Ledger Stax.

In a nutshell, we choose Ledger as a top wallet because it is safe and secure. You can’t really hack a Ledger wallet or steal $THETA from it. They keep your private keys offline and safe within your hardware wallet. Hence, hackers can not access your private keys online. This drastically reduces the chances of hackers compromising your funds.

Ledger - Top 3 Theta Wallets
Source: Ledger

Moreover, Ledger has a web application called Ledger Live. This webapp allows you to manage your $THETA tokens as an account. It has a friendly user interface (UI). Also, it allows you to stake your $THETA tokens too! So, you can secure the Metachain, while earning a modest return on your holdings. All while your $THETA remains safe on your Ledger wallet.

So, If you’re looking to get one, check out the sleek Ledger Stax in the tweet below.

However, hardware wallets have their own inherent risks! Always remember to get your Ledger Wallets from their main website! Never buy these off third party sellers, strangers or even your friends. These parties could tamper with your Ledger beforehand, and you could lose all your funds. Next, let’s move on to Wallet #2.

Wallet #2 – Trezor

Next out of the top 3 Theta wallets is Trezor. Trezor is a well-known rival to Ledger. And that is for good reason. For one, they’re both hardware wallet manufacturers. The suite of products from Trezor include:

Similar to Ledger, Trezor keeps your keys offline and within the device. So, hackers in the online world can never get to your physical wallet. Therefore, they can never get to your crypto too!

But, using Trezor to hold our $THETA has a minor drawback. You cannot send your $THETA tokens directly to your Trezor wallets. You have to first set up a third party software, called Theta Wallet. Using this wallet, your Trezor can act as a private key to your funds on Theta Wallet. To find out more on how you can set this up, you can refer to a quick guide here.

Since Trezor is a hardware wallet like Ledger, we offer the same piece of advice here. Always buy your Trezor hardware wallets from their main website. Never buy them from third party sites, friends or strangers. They could be selling you fake or compromised wallets. This will allow them to steal your $THETA tokens. Next, let’s segue into our last pick for the day!

Wallet #3 – Atomic Wallet

Last out of the top 3 Theta wallets is Atomic Wallet. Our 3rd choice here is a little different from Ledger or Trezor. Atomic is not a hardware wallet. There is no physical device to hold or use when you access it.

If you own $THETA, you will have no trouble storing your tokens in Atomic wallet. Since Atomic Wallet supports so many different cryptos (1,400+ types!), you can use it to manage your portfolio. Any cryptocurrency you can think of is probably supported by Atomic Wallet for storage and transactions. With that, users like you and me can enjoy convenience with a single point of access.

In addition, Atomic Wallet has a bunch of cool features too! Below are just some of them:

  • Buying crypto with credit or debit cards.
  • Atomic Swap for on-chain crypto swapping. 
  • Simple trading of assets through their built-in exchange.

For a quick overview on the Atomic Wallet, you can take a look at its introduction video below. If you’re keen to set up a wallet yourself, you can refer to our previous guide.

As a software wallet, Atomic lacks the additional security which Ledger or Trezor provide. Hence, we recommend you to use Atomic if you actively trade your $THETA. For your $THETA hodling, we would recommend Ledger or Trezor.


Voila! We’ve reached the end of our top 3 Theta wallets. Indeed, each and every wallet recommended here is of top quality. One common point about them is that they’re non-custodial. Here at Altcoin Buzz, we are always advocating for non-custodial wallets. They prevent central entities from taking or mishandling your funds (like what FTX did).

Now it’s your turn, finally! It’s time to decide which wallet best suits you!

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