Gas fees, purchase for access, purchasing a certain item before you can even start playing a blockchain game. These are some of the common issues that might scare a regular gamer off.

Many people might not even want to step into the world of crypto yet alone blockchain gaming. People will have their own doubts and little confidence in what blockchain gaming can bring. However, here are 5 f2p blockchain games that will change and open up the minds of everyone.

  1. Relentless

Genre: TCG
Platform: Loom
Playable on: Mobile & Desktop

Previously known as Zombie Battlegrounds, Relentless has emerged with new hero card art, improved game interface and smoother gameplay. Relentless is currently in open Beta and all cards are being unlocked but it will not be the case during the main release. Players will start with a basic set of cards and slowly unlock cards in-game to build your deck but you can always purchase card packs and specific cards directly from the marketplace if you want to build your deck faster. However, there are some ways to acquire cards now without having to purchase them. You can gain packs by leveling each overlord from the 6 factions and you will also gain packs each week from playing PVP no matter the battle outcome. Cards earned or bought are stored on the blockchain and can be sold at their marketplace as well.


2. Dissolution

Platform: Enjin
Playable on: Desktop

Dissolution is currently in Demo but has different game modes available and new maps set to release as well. Their latest update features a Zombie mode where you can team up or play solo to go crazy on killing zombies. They have amazing graphics and is probably one of the best or the best FPS blockchain games we have so far. Head over to their telegram or discord to get a beta key for game access on Steam. Take a look at some of the gameplay from Zombie Mode.

3. Dark Town Online

Genre: Farming RPG
Platform: EOS
Playable on: Mobile

Dark Town Online is one of the many games from ITAM games. You will be able to clear dungeons and find NFTs which you can sell to other players. There is no fixed starting class for players and you can change the skills you learned and equipment freely if you don’t fancy the current built you have. It is a very easy game to pick up and has many quests and activities in-game for players to participate in.


4. Gods unchained

Genre: TCG
Platform: Ethereum
Playable on: Desktop

Quoted directly from them, ”Magic: The Gathering created a genre. Heartstone redefined it in a digital format. We’re taking the best elements from each game and expanding upon them in new ways to create a gameplay experience which feels strangely classic yet refreshing.” With a world championship prize pool of over $400,000 to date, you know things are going to get massive and competitive.


5. Cryptic conjure

Genre: Multiplayer fantasy action-RPG
Platform: Ethereum
Playable on: Desktop

Players will use their spells, strategy, and skills to team up with up to 3 other players to venture into elemental dungeons and battle massive creatures. Players will be able to craft unique spells using in-game drops to become the ultimate battle mage. Currently, their demo is available to play and you can download it at their website.


There are also lots of exciting games in development and this space of blockchain gaming is growing and evolving very nicely. With more ways to monetize activities in-game and lots of incentives for developers to integrate blockchain into their game, you might even start seeing big names hop on board.


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