Full Steem Ahead with Splinterlands: Week 47

All onboard the Steem train as we bring about updates from Splinterlands.

Over 11 million games were played with cards worth over $4 million. Take a look at one of the most successful crypto games and how Steem has brought it this far.

Game introduction
Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game. Similar to popular games like Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering, players collect various cards to pit them against their opponents. With blockchain technology, players have true ownership of their cards and they can sell them in the in-game market anytime they want.

Weekly Statistics
Number of total players: 2882
Tournament Entrants: 1399
Number of ranked matches played: 267,589
Tournament Prizes Awarded (to date): $72,679

Highlight of the week

Updates and news

Card changes/balances/new cards

Deck combo to try out

Last week our Battle Challenge focused on the THORNS ability. Here are a couple of great posts explaining how and why to use THORNS:

VIDEO POST: Splinterlands Strategy: THORNS

Play of the week

From @clove71

ShardTalk Exclusive: Interview with Blair “Aggroed” Reich, CEO of Splinterlands.



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