Top 5 MOONSHOT Crypto in Polygon MATIC Ecosystem

Do you keep looking for early opportunities for making millions in crypto?  Let me tell you a secret. These opportunities are 99% of the time found in ecosystems that are exploding. 

Polygon has been outcompeting all other L2 solutions like Optimism and Arbitrum in terms of users, revenue, and transactions. One of the reasons behind Polygon’s commendable performance in these projects. Let’s find out more about these 5 altcoin projects

#1: Gains (GNS)

My first pick is Gains Network. It’s a decentralized derivatives trading platform. You can trade crypto and Forex with leverage. In general, these platforms are gaining popularity. Gains Network is doing well on Polygon and Arbitrum. For example,

  • The platform growth is showing in the price. During the last 365 days, GNS, its native token, has been up by 238%.
  • It’s available on Polygon and Arbitrum. In general, the interest in the Arbitrum ecosystem is high.

Gains Network also has its own, native utility token, GNS. You can use this, for instance:

  • To pay for trading fees,
  • Take part in liquidity mining,
  • Vote on proposals in the Gains Network DAO.

Its ecosystem uses NFTs. These are an important part of the ecosystem. They unlock exclusive benefits. For example:

  • Adding a boost to single-sided staking. 
  • Reduce the spread when trading. 
  • There are only 1500 NFTs, split up into different levels.
#2: Tangible (TNGBL)

Tangible is an up-and-coming RWA or Real-World Asset project. These are becoming increasingly popular. Now, with a couple of other RWA projects having problems, Tangible is gaining a competitive edge.

Tangible is quite an impressive project within the RWA space. According to DeFillama, their TVL has been on the rise since March 2023. Currently, it’s at $72 million. There’s also their own stablecoin, Real USD (USDR). This saw an impressive growth in market cap. For instance, from $20m in April to $52m in July according to CoinGecko.

Tangible gives great samples of RWA and tokenization on their website. You can stake their TNGBL token. Or, for example, you can get a tokenized asset as an NFTThis is a TNFT or Tangible NFT. Once you buy this, you can swap it anytime for a real physical item. Or sell it on their marketplace or send it to a different wallet. Currently, these items are, for instance:

#3: Vulcan Forged (PYR)

With Vulcan Forged we’re in the gaming space. Expectations for gaming during the next bull run are high. Vulcan Forged has, for example, the Elysium blockchain. This project is gaining popularity. For example, in early 2024 there will be a VR (Virtual Reality) narrative. Besides Elysium, there’s also,

  • Vulcan Studios with the VulcanVerse. This is a metaverse.
  • Marketplace for NFTs.
  • Metascapes, a metaverse maker.
  • Vulcan’s Creed, a mythology game.
  • Vulcan DEX, and exclusive DEX to swap gaming and crypto assets.

So, as you can see, plenty of exciting things happening on their platforms. There’s also their native PYR token. This has good tokenomics. Despite not doing too well over last year, it’s a great entry point to start accumulating PYR.

Besides Polygon, Vulcan Forged also runs on Ethereum. In the same vein as Axie Infinity, they offer P2E (Play-to-Earn) games. The forecast for 2028 is that these games will have a worth of $2.8 billion. This should put it in perspective why Vulcan Forged is one of my picks.

#4: Decentral Games (DG)

Decentral Games have been in the spotlight during the last 30 days. They have a metaverse and offer social gaming. There’s a Treasury that helps games on the platform with funds. With plenty of casino-style games, the odds filled the Treasury. ICE Poker is one example:

Besides the native DG token, it’s also possible to use MANA or DAI in games. During the last 30 days, the DG token surged by 64%. There are constant new events on the platform. For instance, how about a recent DeGods and Y00ts poker tournament? This attracted some 380+ players.

So, there’s an impressive gaming system on their platform. Their big winner is ICE poker. This is a metaverse poker project. There are also plenty of physical prizes on offer. For example:

  • DG trucker-style hats.
  • AirPods Max.
  • MacBook Pros.
  • iPhone 14 Pros.

Decentraland is one of the bigger investors. You may know them for their own metaverse. Remember the growth figures for P2E I mentioned in Vulcan Forged. Combine this with casino-style games and the number may even be bigger than $2.8 billion.

#5: Pearl (PEARL)

Pearl is an RWA or Real-World Assets platform. As of now, it’s flying big time under the radar! DeFiLlama shows that its TVL is rising. Well, let’s make that, rising fast! Their native PEARL token wasn’t listed until 23rd June this year. Ever since it’s been going up only.

Despite not generating enough revenue yet, it can show some interesting volume. One reason is that Pearl gives 28% APR for stablecoin farming. Some pairs even get up to 90%. That’s with Tangible’s USDR stablecoin. 

So, they offer some peak innovation and deep liquidity on their DEX. Currently, there are only 8 coins available, with 17 trading pairs. The platform works with bribes. With an increasing TVL, the bribes start to increase as well. As I mentioned before, this is flying under the radar. My research team is full of praise for this project. For example, they have great marketing.

So, are you already familiar with any of the projects mentioned? Do you prefer gaming or RWA? Let me know if you’re interested in one of these projects. Which one and why?

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