Wanchain launches Xstake, a new service designed to provide you with different staking opportunities. Xstake mirrors Wanchain’s continued dedication to security and ease of use across chains. The new service makes it easy to delegate WAN tokens to Wanchain Bridge Nodes and PoS Validator Nodes. It will also change how people use the Wanchain Layer 1 blockchain and other supported networks.

There are two staking options available on XStake. The first allows you to participate in securing the Wanchain blockchain by delegating your WAN tokens to Wanchain PoS Validator Nodes and taking part in Galaxy Consensus. This option results in a more democratic network and also encourages users to participate in network activities. The second staking option supports the Wanchain Bridge.

So, by delegating WAN to the Wanchain Bridge, users can use XStake to increase the cross-chain capabilities of the Wanchain Bridge. XStake will revolutionize staking. For example, before the release of this new service, these staking options earlier mentioned previously were only available through the WanWallet Desktop and WanWallet Mobile apps.

But XStake provides ease of use and has several advantages over the WanWallet suite. For example, it is more flexible. It works on both mobile and desktop devices. Interestingly, users can also access XStake via their MetaMask mobile. This way, XStake eliminates the need for a dedicated app to stake. You can easily access your staking services from your preferred device.

For a complete guide on how to use XStake check out this article.

Wanchain is making blockchains more connected.

Wanchain has one sole goal: to make it easy for blockchains to connect. Since the start of the year, Wanchain has launched several products to this end. And XStake is set to play a huge role in the ecosystem. Alongside the two available staking options, Wanchain plans to roll out more upgrades over time.

Some of the planned upgrades include

  • PoS Validator and Bridge Node Deployment
  • Staking options for non-WAN assets

Wanchain’s goal of improving blockchain interoperability will also lead to increased adoption of the blockchain industry. Developers can leverage Wanchain’s services to build cross-chain decentralized apps powering the next generation of blockchain solutions.

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