Reewardio is a SaaS loyalty platform that utilizes blockchain to allow businesses to create specialized reward and loyalty programs. Their system allows rewards to be created and issued on the Ethereum blockchain, which is powered by Enjin coin. This means rewards can be stored in the Enjin wallet and are also tradable on the Enjin marketplace.

Reewardio has announced the launch of its Early Adopter Program after building on its technology since February 2019. They have also emphasized that they will be tokenizing the software licenses for their platform. This allows users to pay for their SaaS subscription in advance, depositing and withdrawing their tokenized subscriptions and also selling their remaining credit.

To celebrate the launch of this Early Adopter Program, 12 tokenized software licenses, as well as 400 of their founder tokens, are being given out by Reewardio. Their open Beta begins in Q2 2020 which the tokenized licenses will allow access to. However, due to the licenses being an Erc-1155 token, they can be distributed and traded even before Beta is released.

Quoted from Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of Reewardio, “In the past, utility tokens have created insurmountable barriers to entry into the blockchain space. If you create an app and tell your non-technical friends and family that they must go buy your cryptocurrency from exchange to use it, they will be absolutely bemused, which is why we are flipping the UX flow. Our users can sign up with us the same way they sign up with any other subscription-based SaaS service. The only difference is, if they choose to pay for their subscription in advance and then decide they no longer need it, they won’t be stuck with it. They can withdraw their remaining credit as a token at any time and give it to someone else.”


Kriptomat is a European cryptocurrency exchange and is also the first to gamify user experience on its platform. They have utilized Reewardio’s technology to provide blockchain rewards to their customers while they trade. This has seen an amazing 1700% growth in revenue over 6 months and has let them to partner Parallel Planes to further develop Reewardio’s platform.


Reewardio is using Enjin’s technology and platform to mint rewards and integrate into their software. This allows blockchain rewards from one platform to be used in other ones as well. Kriptomat’s Dragons provide reduced trading fees within their platform and have utility in other games in the Enjin multiverse too. Customers have more incentives to use products such as Kriptomat as they can even make money by selling those Dragons.

Blockchain is not here to change how loyalty programs work or how a business runs. It is to enhance what a business already has and to provide more incentives for people to use it. Kriptomat has already shown the importance of customer experience and their effort has paid off tremendously.

Early Adopter

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