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AI is eating the world. That’s what we are hearing and seeing everywhere. But how do you make a good investment in this emerging sector? One of the strongest plays is to bet on how AI affects a sector of the cryptoeconomy you already use. For example, its use in DeFi or Layer 2 solutions or privacy, or games. Shockwaves AI is coming to add AI into blockchain games. And they are launching their token this week.

Introduction to Shockwaves

We are seeing AI do lots of things and have many interactions with blockchain. But one area we haven’t seen a lot of yet is games. Shockwaves is here to change that.

Shockwaves is a first-person shooter game and your AIs that you own learn and become more powerful to help you acquire land or protect what’s already yours. Your AI NFTs fight alongside you making this one of the game’s unique features. There will be 4444 AI agents whose power you can unlock to help you win the game.

You can buy, hold, and sell land in NFT format as we’ve seen in some other games. And you get to earn a piece of everything that happens on your land. Just like with tokens, if you can get into game NFTs early, you increase your chances of success although the risks are higher earlier, too.

In this video from Seedify, you can see the CEO and CTO talk about some things like:

  • Game mechanics at 6.45
  • The Music Infused Gameplay at 10.00 (Music is an important part of this game)
  • or how AI helps the Shockwaves game OR how AI will improve gameplay overall starting at minute 13.00.

The Neuros IDO

Within Shockwaves, the Neuros token is the link between AI and the real world. It’s how you translate your AI work into $$. But here are some of the important details that you need to know about this IDO launch on the 28th. The token will be on the BNB Smart Chain. It will have a 100 million total supply, with 10 million listed in the IDO. The token will be BEP-20 and easily tradeable and holdable in many wallets. Here is the rest of the token release schedule.

The Seedify Effect

Our friends at Seedify not only are launching the Neuros token but they incubated it as well. That means the Seedify Fund invested in the project. Here’s the IDO announcement by the way.

See the IDO details in the above tweet. One important thing is its very low initial value of $50,000. That means just to get up to a market cap of $1 million, which is a very small cap project, that would be a 20x. This is an enormous opportunity if you believe in AI and blockchain games working together now and in the future.

Plus, thanks to the association with Seedify, the impressive team is public and doxxed, which we always like to see in a new project.


Shockwaves AI is helping launch a new frontier. AI and blockchain gaming together. And if you are set up already (or can be by Friday) on Seedify, then you have a chance to get in super early on this unique opportunity at a super low valuation.

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