Step Hero - The Lucrative NFT RPG Game

Blockchain gaming and the entire DeFi ecosystem is making waves in the global blockchain and crypto space.

The popular and lucrative NFT role-playing game (RPG), Step Hero, is arguably at the forefront of global adoption of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The NFT-based RPG perfectly combines NFT gaming with the DeFi ecosystem. The NFT gaming platform also provides users with the opportunity to earn profit while having fun on the RPG platform. Step Hero is a top-notch ecosystem, comprising the RPG game, NFT marketplace, HERO farming, etc. Apart from being a gaming ecosystem, Step Hero also provides its community members with excellent investment advice to help them earn profit from playing games.

This article is a comprehensive description of the Step Hero ecosystem and what it hopes to achieve. With its NFT marketplace, users can easily sell, buy, and also create NFTs. Interestingly, they can also launch NFT auctions, earn commissions, etc. The NFT-based role-playing game (RPG) is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (formerly Matic Network). The ecosystem is powered by Step Hero’s native token, HERO. The platform has recorded a number of amazing partnerships, strategic updates, listings, etc. Interestingly, the CTO of Step Hero, Lucifer Nguyen, answered questions during an AMA session anchored by Shitij Gupta, CFO of Altcoin Buzz.

More on Step Hero

As previously stated, the Step Hero ecosystem is made up of the Step Hero RPG, the HERO NFT Marketplace (a cross-chain high liquidity NFT marketplace), and Step Hero NFT Collectibles.

The Step Hero ecosystem is continually being worked on by top and highly qualified blockchain enthusiasts and gamers. This team of gamers and enthusiasts is focused on recreating characters from classic nostalgic childhood games in line with 4.0 tech. According to reports, Step Hero’s developer team has plans to make Step Hero the best and most sought-after NFT gaming ecosystem on the market.

The Step Hero game plot is of the world being destroyed by the armies of the demon Lucifer. Players will role-play as heroes accompanying Archangel Gabriel to battle against Lucifer’s legion of shadows. The player is tasked with fighting, collecting in-game items and tokens (STEP coin), and crafting weapons. With each level increase, the power level of the army of shadows will become stronger.

Community developers will also have the opportunity to contribute to the Step Hero ecosystem as in-game resources (characters, STEP coins, weapons, character upgrades, etc.) are also accessible by 3rd parties. Apart from being a gaming ecosystem, Step Hero’s strong community network will help game players earn money from the game.

Players can earn money through several means, namely:

  • By winning player-vs-player (PvP) games.
  • By selling their upgraded game characters. Notably, the bigger, more unique, and powerful the characters are, the higher their prices.
  • Also, by selling in-game substances like power potions, weapons, healing potions, etc.
The Step Hero Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

The cross-chain NFT marketplace is powered by the HERO tokens, providing users will the necessary requirements to create, sell, buy, and share NFT products. As compared to other NFT marketplaces, the Hero Marketplace is focused on facilitating originality. Creators interested in gaining access to the marketplace must complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

With originality being a major focus, the cross-chain NFT marketplace incorporates its data with other social networks. This move essentially helps to locate any form of plagiarism among NFT creators. Also, creators have the opportunity to report any noticed copyright infringement to the NFT marketplace. Such creators will furthermore earn rewards once the reported copyright infringement is confirmed.

HERO Token Farming Mechanism (Play-to-Earn)

HERO token holders have two major ways by which they can earn rewards from their tokens, namely:

  • First, they can simply stake their HERO token to earn points. These points can then be swapped for NFTs, which can be sold.
  • Secondly, token holders can stake their HERO in the HERO/BNB LP on PancakeSwap. Staking in the pool will provide them with the opportunity to earn FLIP tokens. These FLIP tokens can then be used to claim NFTs.
Step Hero Team Members

The team is made up of highly experienced blockchain gamers and enthusiasts. Gabriel Vu is the CEO of Step Hero and has worked with top companies like Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. Lucifer Nguyen is the current CTO while Lilly Nguyen is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

The Next Axie Infinity?

Step Hero has its sights set on becoming a top player in the NFT and blockchain game space. According to Lucifer Nguyen in his recent AMA with Shitij of Altcoin Buzz, Step Hero plans to become the next Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is a popular NFT-based video game powered by ETH-based crypto AXS and SLP. It is also currently the most expensive NFT collection with over $42 million in purchases made in June 2021 alone.

The RPG ecosystem also has a number of strategic updates like its partnership with GameFi, the listing of its HERO tokens by BitMart, etc.

HERO Price

At the time of publication, the HERO token was trading at $1.62 with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,645,296. The token price is also up by 10.8% in the last 24 hours.

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