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The 11th interview of ShardTalk is here and we have the team from Koltiro Games to share with us more about Spirit Clash.

Game: Spirit Clash
Genre: TCG
Quick Info: Partnership with Enjin. Awesome card art. A unique twist to traditional TCGs.


The interview

Q: How big is your team at the moment?

Spirit Clash(SC): We have 3 core members as well as numerous artists, designers, devs and advisors onboard.

Q: What made you pick TCG as the genre in developing a game?

SC: All of us are serious card game enthusiasts and have been talking about designing a card game for a while now.

Q: Will Spirit Clash be F2p?

SC: Yes.

Q: How has Enjin helped in the development of Spirit Clash?

SC: The concept of collectable ERC1155 cards means that the players will always own them and they will forever be alive on the blockchain. Enjin is fantastic with promotion and support assistance. As developers, it has given us a fresh perspective.

Q: Would you like to elaborate a little bit on how Spirit Clash stands out from regular TCGs?

SC: The biggest difference is the core gameplay. Spirit Clash isn’t about dropping your opponent’s life to zero. That’s nothing new, and we wanted to give people something with a fresh take. You have to battle it out for the cores rather than directly inflicting damage to your opponent.

Also, the art. We have gotten a lot of stand out comments complimenting our art, and we are incredibly proud of all of our artists.

Q: Please tell us more about the importance of each type of card in Spirit Clash(followers & relics, overlords, hexes)?

SC: Overlord – This card is the core of your deck. You create your deck around your Overlord, and they all have unique abilities that make them stand out from one another

Follower – This is your main way to gain influence on the cores. Your followers will order and intercept clashes to help you ride your way to victory 😉

Hex – These allow you to interact with your opponent’s cards, or give your own a boost! Hexes may shatter a follower, or strengthen/weaken it. They all do something useful though.

Relic – This card type is where you will find weaponry that can equip to your followers, as well as what may be considered a “field spell” in other card games.

Q: Will there be any changes/improvements made to the gameplay?

SC: Absolutely. We have a core gameplay that feels quite good, but as we continue to test and get this into the hands of more testers/players, we will tweak things until the game is as good as it can be.

Q: Out of the 6 virtues, which do you think is your personal favourite?

Voltriph:  I have to go with Plague, personally. It’s a take on green that really hasn’t taken place in a card game before, and I love the theme

Marc: Charm as I’m the charming one.

Jax: Zen…. I’m all about Zen.

Q: Would you like to share some info regarding your upcoming presale on Opensea?

SC: There will be different tiers of lootbox booster packs available! The higher the tier, the greater your chance of a legendary card

Q: What are some cards to look out for in your upcoming presale?

SC: This will be for all of you to determine… 🙂

Q: What are some of the future plans and goals you have for Spirit Clash?

SC: We have some major plans for in-game implementations, but for now I’ll just tease one small phrase… “Guild Wars”

Q: What are some of the plans for game events/tournaments that you are able to share?

SC: We want people to know that there will be real cryptocurrency pay-outs in tournaments that we are planning behind the scenes. This will be a competitive game in addition to fun for pick-up and play.

Q: Will there be community events in the future where team members get to battle it out with your players?

SC: Oh most definitely.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to share with our readers?

SC: Only to keep an eye out for presale as it is right around the corner 🙂


Spirit Clash collectables and cards are already trading on Opensea but keep an eye on the space for their presale. They have been holding many contests and giveaways as well so be sure to join their Telegram too! Whether you are in for the art or gameplay, Spirit Clash cards are indeed a thing of beauty. To end this interview, here are some gameplay pictures from Spirit Clash.

Spirit Clash

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