F1 Delta Time, a blockchain racing game, is following in the steps of Enjin and offers crypto collectibles to its players.

F1 Delta Time is a blockchain-based game that utilizes ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The game centers around trading cars, drivers, and different components. These collectibles are non-fungible tokens and these types of tokens are unique per person or in this instance, gamer. When I first started writing for Altcoin Buzz, I noticed they gave out collectibles from the Enjin Coin platform. I didn’t know what it was but it was an interesting concept. These collectibles could be “dismantled” and turned into coins.

The first collectible racing car is the 1-1-1 and according to coindesk, the car is already up for auction at a price of 92,000 dollars or more. This could lead to a similar craze like the crypto kitty emergence. Hundreds of crypto kitties were being developed and it even slowed Ethereums blockchain and caused transaction fee’s to skyrocket. Ethereum has however grown and improved since then, if this game’s popularity were to rise exponentially it could lead to similar events but maybe not as damaging as crypto kitties.

F1 Delta Time was created by Anomica Brands, a company that has published games outside of the blockchain world like “Crazy Defense Hero’s” and “Crazy Kings”. It’s a company that leverages technology, innovation, and motivation to create newfound mobile applications and games.

My question for you is, would you play F1 Delta Time? Would it be for the sole purpose of getting a 1-1-1 car and selling it for profits? Share your thoughts below.


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