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Spanish professional football club, Atletico Madrid, have their tokens trading on Chiliz exchange. 

Before Fan Tokens are listed on Chiliz exchange, fans have the opportunity to acquire them through a Fan Token Offering (FTO). This allows fans to buy their club tokens at a fixed price. Fan Tokens for Juventus, Galatasaray, Paris Saint-Germain and eSports giants OG are already trading on the exchange.

Once the Fan Token Offering concludes, the respective Fan Tokens will be listed on the Chiliz exchange.

The more recent listing was the Galatasaray Fan Token ($GAL) which had a 200% increase in price during the first couple of trading hours. $GAL was initially sold at €2 during the Fan Token Offering and had spiked to over $7 on the exchange.


All the Fan Tokens have seen a huge increase in price once they are listed. All the prices of the Fan Tokens are holding well above their Fan Token Offering price. This shows the support and value the fans and holders have for the tokens.

Athletico Madrid 

The $ATM fan tokens had started trading on Wednesday. They are the 5th Fan Token to begin trading on the Chiliz exchange.

In January this year, Atletico Madrid held their first poll on Fans could decide on which of their favorite player will be taking over Atletico’s official Instagram for a day. The selected player will be going behind the scenes and showing the daily routine of the club.

With $ATM now acquirable through the Chiliz exchange, more fans will be able to join in and participate in future polls and events. We can expect Atletico Madrid to have more fan interactions in the near future.

Interaction with Fans
  • Holders of Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token had a chance to win a personalized video message from one of their heroes.
  • Galatasaray Fans could vote on which classic matches they will like to relive on the broadcast.
  • OG fans voted on which in-game banner their Dota 2 Roster will use in the upcoming season.
  • Juventus held their 2nd poll to see what their fans will like implemented on the official Juventus app.
  • A.S Roma held a poll for fans to choose which legend to be immortalized by having a pitch named after them at the Trigoria Training Centre.

These are some of the many things the clubs have come up with to interact with their fans. If you will like to participate in those events and voting, you need to own the respective Fan Tokens. There have been some slowdowns due to the COVID-19 situation but you can expect fans to have a real treat once the pitch action gets on the way again.

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