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Web3 games are no Fun! Yes, have earning potential, and compelling rewards but, they are yet to have the winning formula that turned Web2 gaming into a massive $202 billion industry

But it seems I have finally come across a Web3 game that has all the secret sauces. Built by Web2 gaming experts with 100 years of total experience. And that’s why it has achieved a lot in a very short time. Truth is the market is in a bad state now and I really wanted some entertainment. So I tested out this Solana P2E game we have recently partnered with and it really lifted my spirits. All the gamers out there check this out!

Introduction to Uncaged Studios

We’ve closely monitored MonkeyLeague for a while. And we’ve been impressed by what they’ve accomplished. MonkeyLeague is developed by UnCaged Studios, and that’s a core reason for its success so far. The success of a game largely depends on who’s developing it. And we have very few established gaming studios, such as Uncaged. And I find their work really impressive. 

MonkeyLeague play to earn game review

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UnCaged Studios is made up of gaming veterans with a combined 100 years of experience. The studio has really big ambitions, unlike other Web3 games. Uncaged is doing things differently. And that’s why MonkeyLeague has achieved a lot in a short time.

The Uncaged studio has already partnered with AC Milan. And Argentine star player Paulo Dybala. Now that’s huge. As I said, the team has a lot of experience in gaming. And they are not all about P2E. But there’s a huge focus on ensuring that you have fun as you play the game. 

MonkeyLeague p2e game review

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Uncaged already completed a Series A of $24 million led by Griffin Gaming Partners.  Experience matters in gaming, and Uncaged isn’t lacking in that area. The studio was co-founded by Raz Friedman. He is also a co-founder of Playtika (a Nasdaq-listed company). Friedman is one of the pioneers of free-to-play gaming.

Uncaged focuses strongly on high-production-value games with strong game loops and content. There’s a reason why I’m talking about the team before the game. That’s because I want you to know that they’ve got something serious coming. And they are different in their approach.

Why Web3 games are not Fun?

This might come as a surprise to many of you: I love to play games. I love games with good content, graphics, and strategy. But, I’ve hardly seen any Web3 game that offers fun aside from integrating P2E features. From my experience, most Web3 games lack what it takes to keep user attention for even a short time. 

So, Web3 games only offer extrinsic motivation, such as cash prizes and rewards. But the gameplay itself isn’t captivating. Most Web3 games are struggling to maintain a fraction of their active users. I’ll tell you a few things wrong with the current games:

  • They are not created to provide a smooth experience. The focus is often on the economy and not the excitement of gaming.
  • High entry barrier. 
  • Poor graphics and gameplay
  • Most Web3 games are done in a hurry. Good games need time to create something solid.

p2e games adoption problems

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Now let’s talk about the game itself.

A Brief Review of Monkey League

Imagine a combination of the excitement of soccer and the strategy of chess. That’s what Monkey League is about. The game is on the Solana blockchain. And is Uncaged’s first esports game franchise. MonkeyLeague football has a simple feel. But it’s quite strategic and fun to play. I must add that the game is addictive.

The idea is to build your dream team of Monkey Athletes. You also get to play matches, compete in tournaments, and climb the Leagues. The players are MonkeyAthlete NFTs. They come with trainable skills that you can upgrade through gameplay. Let’s take a look at the graphics of the game. 

As I said, there’s a lot of fun attached to the game. There are leagues and tournaments with skilled people placed into similar leagues. The idea is to earn league points and climb the league standings for more rewards and higher tournaments. 

Think of it like trying to climb the English Premiership table. Or top your Champions League group. The more points you get, the more your reward, And you also stand a chance to play in higher and tougher tournaments.

Uncaged adopts a Play & Earn approach. Play and earn is a skill-based earning where you have a lot of fun playing the game. So, Monkey League is a turn-based, 6-on-6 game. You get to pick your Monkey with different skills. The game has similar gameplay to FIFA. You can move, pass, shoot. It also has a drag-and-hold feature for shots. Let’s look at some of the basic actions:

MonkeyLeague is like regular football. You can scout players, create a strategy, and play matches. The game also evolves from time to time. So there’ll be fresh updates every quarter.

The Monkey League Game Token

MonkeyBucks, $MBS, is the main in-game currency of MonkeyLeague. You can use the MBS token to purchase NFTs, breed, use it for tournament rewards, etc. For example: You’ll be able to use MBS to buy Energy, from the Alpha V2. Energy is used to play matches. The token is already listed on prominent exchanges such as:

  • MEXC.
  • Bybit. 
What’s Next on Monkey League?

The Alpha version of the game launched in April. And there’s a massive MonkeyCup Tournament starting any day now. There’s a total of $10K in MBS prizes and a signed AC Milan shirt. There’s also an upcoming campaign with AC Milan. We’ll see AC Milan players playing the game. And that’s good for adoption.

You can follow MonkeyLeague on their social media platforms for more updates. Here are their Twitter and Discord. You can sign up to play the game using this link

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