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Gaming, NFTs, and Metaverse are three of the biggest crypto trends, all converging into a huge mega-trend. Are you trying to figure out how to take advantage of these significant opportunities?

One way to do that is to buy the right gaming tokens. They are utility tokens that allow NFT access, farming, staking, or other liquidity options. Therefore, in this article, you will learn what’s new in Metaverse Crypto-Games, and where some of the highest potential game tokens are.

1. Fight of The Ages

Flight of the Ages (FOTA) is a MOBA-RPG game, so you will be developing your hero character instead of building up armies and such. It uses Microsoft’s Mesh MR (Mixed Reality), a blend of AR and VR, for an excellent experience. 

If you are a gamer, you have eight races you can choose from and three worlds to start your metaverse journey in this game. This game offers some exciting features like:

  1. Rent to Play feature
  2. Marketplace: Users can buy and sell heroes, skins, or equipment as NFTs
  3. Decentralized Identity wallet: Users can use this ID to use an avatar in the FOTA Metaverse.
  4. Farming: Users can earn $FOTA by farming it in combination with other LP tokens 
  5. Cross NFT feature means that users can bring your existing NFT into part of the FOTA Metaverse, making it easier for new players to get started.

Also, it’s important to mention that the project has already done two security audits: One from CertiK and one from Hacken. Therefore, this p2e game puts NFTs, Metaverse, and farming in a way that helps you enjoy the game more.

More About Flight of the Ages

Its partners and investor list is impressive – Microsoft, Dextools, Dexforce, Hacken, 2crazyNFT, Labs Group, DCI, BCA, Chilli Pad, CertiK. On the other hand, The roadmap for FOTA is aggressive. In January 2022, they expect to release new heroes and FOTALands, which you can buy, as well as make their private sale. Also, in Q1, they expect to start hybrid farming, complete their IDO, and get listed on PancakeSwap, among other goals.

Also, like many games, a DAO is on the way here too. If you like what Fight of the Ages has to offer, you are getting in right at the beginning.

On the other hand, with 65% of the tokens available for Gaming Rewards, more tokens are available to the public than many platforms and games. The total supply will be 700 million, and their circulating supply will vary due to mining. After talking with the team, they told us their plans for IDOs and listings are:

  1. An IDO Launchpad on Binance and an IEO on Houbi / Kucoin & Gate
  2. An IDO Launchpad on PancakeSwap

Moreover, FOTA’s Treasury has an aggressive anti-inflation policy and intends to use only one token, $FOTA, and incorporate buybacks and token burns. This can lead to a potential prize squeeze once the token is out.

2. Pax World

Pax World focuses on communication in the Metaverse between people. Everything in this world is about interacting with others, whether for social, educational, or commercial purposes. Well, they make it easy by supporting many different devices and having low hardware requirements to get into their world.

Also, Pax World has achieved the following milestones:

  • Working product that includes video, audio, 3D, and face scanning support
  • The launch of a demo day in January 2022 in Switzerland. Nowadays, they have 10,000 people signed up.
  • They’ve raised $5 million in seed money. 
  • A DAO mechanism is in development now, where users will have a staking feature. 
  • They are developing a marketplace that incorporates NFTs for land sales, tickets to events, and 3D NFTs that you can use to pay for social or educational events.

More About Pax World

$PAXW is the native BEP-20 token of the game, with a total supply of 1 billion $PAXW. Also, between partners, the ecosystem, and the Community, ~40% of the tokens will be available to the public. Moreover, all groups aside from the Community and the funds from the IDO have lockups and vesting periods, something we always look for.

Nowadays, the Pax World IDO will take place on Trustpad, but no date is set yet. There will be 7.5 million PAXW tokens available for purchase at the IDO. Finally, Pax has token burns as part of their tokenomics too. Emission rates for the $PAXW token are unknown right now.

3. CyberTrade

CyberTrade is a play-and-earn metaverse game built on Binance Smart Chain with a futuristic-looking city that’s waiting for people like you to conquer it. You only need to pick a fighter in this MMO role-playing game (RPG), become the best, and earn CyberCash ($CCASH) in the process.

Also, CyberTrade has three main components:

  1. Drag races: Users need 2 NFTs to play these races. If you win, you earn $CCASH and level up. 
  2. Fighting games: Users can fight between each other and start earning $CCASH for every win.
  3. Crypto Citizen: This feature will change the Metaverse gaming industry. It’s a massively multiplayer online RPG, where you become citizens of the Metropolit city. Governance, Citadel, Purge, Rugpull Zone, and Portal are some of the game mechanics available in Crypto Citizen. You only need one character to start playing this game.
  4. Rent to Play feature: The Crypto Citizen Portal feature will offer NFT enthusiasts and gamers a chance to try out the game before investing. You need to deposit some gaming NFT, and you will get a rented metaverse avatar or vehicle for free, which you can use to earn $CCASH.

More About CyberTrade

Moreover, according to the roadmap, the Alpha of Drag Races is coming in Q1 2022. Also, $CCASH is the native token with a deflationary mechanism used in the Metropolit that offers its players truly beneficial features. This includes Citizen Ranking, Governance Rights, Rewards System, Staking, and other token utilities. 

CyberTrade will redistribute 25% of the revenue to a reward pool, and 12.5% will be burned. This will help the long-term price growth of $CCASH. Also, it is essential to mention that the platform supports long-term token price development by performing buybacks at a market price of 50% of the value of primary sales.

In addition, the long-term $CCASH holders can utilize various staking programs to lock token liquidity and participate in NFT land sales and earn passive income.

4. Ancient Kingdom

Ancient Kingdom is an ancient martial arts game. The team is based in Vietnam, a leading destination in mobile game downloads. To be clear, they want Ancient Kingdom to be to Vietnam what Axie Infinity means to the Philippines.

Ancient Kingdom p2e games

Source: Ancient Kingdom

You can get involved with the Ancient Kingdom Airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap. It’s LIVE now. The campaign will run from January 4th through January 25th, 2021. To participate, you need to sign-up on this page and follow some social media handles; provide your BSC Address, and that’s it.

Also, Ancient Kingdome is a P2E game with six character types to choose from, and the earnings come from in-game activities, staking their governance token, trading on the NFT marketplace, and farming.

More About Ancient Kingdom

The launch date will be announced any day now; planning to have a centralized or decentralized exchange can list their tokens in the 2nd quarter. One last thing not available yet but part of their roadmap for a token burn program later in the year. 

The total supply will be 2 billion tokens, which have the BEP-20 standard. Also, almost 60% of the $DOM tokens are available to the public between liquidity and rewards. Moreover, they too have lockup periods and vesting schedules for insiders and early investors.

On the other hand, on January 11th, the IDO will happen on Infinity Launchpad and Gamestarter. Their following goals will be to list on PancakeSwap and exchanges like MEXC and They’ve raised $3.75 million pre-IDO and have the IDO and hopeful listings to follow.

5. Metastrike

Metastrike is a game with both free-to-play and play-to-earn options. It’s a VR-based FPS game. The Metaverse aspects for this game include buying lands and making and customizing your maps for sections of the Metaverse where you play. You can even sell them as an NFT for others to use.

The game has a couple of special features like:

  • Guilds can battle against each other to steal their land
  • Players can earn from other players visiting their homes or their HQ
  • Players can create their custom NFT pieces to use in the game, meaning they may end up with something rare and valuable.
  • They have an NFT marketplace, too, although that’s becoming more common.

More About Metastrike

Metastrike has leading investors like GD10 Ventures, Seedify, and Enjinstarter. Also, the game has completed a successful IDO on Seedify to raise $250,000 for their $MTS token.

Also, the game has two tokens, both used for in-game activities. 

  1. $MTS, which was the IDO, is the DAO governance token. You can stake it, use it in tournaments and more advanced Play, as well as buy NFTs and Metaverse land. $MTS the governance token has a total supply of 565 million
  2. $MTT, the 2nd token, is only for in-game activities like purchasing weapons or unlocking new maps. This token has an unlimited supply.

You can swap the two tokens for each other, but we don’t know what the exchange rates are at this time.

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