The Next 30X Early Altcoin Gems

We are in the early bull market. Nonetheless, most altcoins are still down around 90%. It seems to be the best time to identify and accumulate these altcoins that can give us an easy 30x return or even more. 

I call them early gems. In this article, you will discover 3 very interesting altcoin gems that are ready to explode.

#1: Chainge Finance (CHNG)

My first pick is Chainge Finance (CHNG). Currently, there’s a limit to the number of what my team and I see as good projects. However, Chainge made the cut. So, what is Chainge all about? It offers:

  • Cross-chain solutions: Currently over 24 chains and up to 40 tokens. 
  • Wallet: You can stake tokens in your wallet.
  • DEX aggregator. This offers the best liquidity.

All of this is on their mobile app. Currently, it has over 100k+ downloads on Google Play.  Other features are in the making, for example:

  • Margin Lending.
  • Earn program.
  • Options DEX.
  • Futures.
  • Escrow services. 

The current price of the CHNG token is $0.0875. It has a market cap of $38.5 million. There’s a max supply of 814 million tokens and a total supply of 716 million. The circulating supply is 440 million. So, that looks good for starters. What I like about the token is that it is deflationary. They buy back tokens with 25% of their profits and burn them. During the last year, the token is up by 190%.

DJ Qian is the CEO. For example, he is also CEO of the FUSION chain foundation and co-founder of Anyswap. He and his team managed to get good tokenomics for this project. This project has an early gem written all over it. That’s why it is in this article. Now, let’s move on to my second pick,

#2: Morpheus Network (MNW)

The Morpheus Network is a supply chain blockchain. It looks to automate and optimize supply chain operations. They also offer their services to governments. For example, Argentina. But also, big companies, like Coca-Cola, already use their service. 

So, Morpheus makes logistics easier. Think, for example:

  • Lading bills.
  • Invoices.
  • Global settlement options.
  • Or tax documentation.

All this with the added feature that it is tamper-free. They use IPFS’ for this or the InterPlanetary File System. There’s also something that gives them a head start. They are compliance-focused. You only have to look at the current SEC situation in the US. That’s some good thinking and acting by Morpheus.

Here are some other features that Morpheus offers. For instance,

  • Automated smart contracts for fast payments.
  • Payments can be in any currency, settled by SWIFT.
  • Their platform is compatible with other blockchains.
  • Layering allows legacy systems to build on top of Morpheus. For example, FedEx’s tracking platform.

Their MNW token also has some good use cases:

  • For transactions. You can use it as cash.
  • You need the token for notarizing supply chain data on the platform.

At the time of writing this article, its price is $1.02. It has a market cap of $38.4 million. There’s a max and total supply of 47,897,218 tokens. There are already 37.5 million tokens in circulation. During the last year, this token is 199% up in value. And off we go to my last pick, Radiant Capital.

#3: Radiant Capital (RDNT)

What we see in crypto, is a variety of money markets all over the DeFi space. Each has its own liquidity. The result is that all this liquidity is extremely fragmented. And guess what, that’s where Radiant Capital comes to the rescue.

So, Radiant wants to be the first omnichain money market. In other words, you can deposit any asset on any chain. You can also borrow a variety of assets across various chains. 

You can find their cross-chain interoperability on top of Layer Zero. Currently, you can connect their app to Arbitrum and the BNB chain. This makes the Stargate router their preferred interface. However, there are of course other bridging options available. For instance, Celer Bridge or Synapse Protocol.

So, here’s a sample of how this works. Once you’re ready to reclaim your collateral, you can decide which chain to withdraw from. Furthermore, you can set which percentage should go to each chain. Their recent V2 update has some exciting and revolutionary options. For example:

  • Core protocol mechanics.
  • Emissions.
  • Utility.
  • And deeper cross-chain functionality. 

You can also lock your LP tokens and vote in the DAO. The current price of the RDNT token is $0.2675. Its market cap is $73.6 million, so that’s looking good. There is a 1 billion max and total supply of RDNT tokens. However, only 275.3 million circulate. A year ago, when the token launched, it had a price of $0.16.  So, there’s plenty of potential.

So, are you already familiar with one of these three tokens? Maybe you hold one of them already? Let us know.

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