MASSIVE $5000+ Crypto Airdrop Opportunity

Free money! Who doesn’t like that? Well, airdrops are almost like that. In crypto, they’re probably the closest thing to free money. Sure, sometimes you have to invest some money in gas fees. However, the rewards are big enough to warrant that investment.

So, we had some recent airdrops with juicy rewards: Aptos – $1,000 to $5,000, Arbitrum – $600 to $50,000, and Optimism – $540 to $36,500. There was a 2nd drop as well. These two airdrops combined only covered a third of the allocated airdrop budget. So, at least a third drop is due. You get the picture, right? Airdrops can be lucrative. Here are two more crypto airdrops that can come your way.

#1: zkSync

So, my first choice is zkSync. About two months ago, we already showed you how to qualify for this airdrop. However, social media is currently booming with excitement over this airdrop. So, make sure to watch this video, it offers a lot of information. But, I also found new ways to add to your airdrop potential.

The more you interact with protocols, the higher your airdrop may be. This also means that the more money you move around, your drop may become bigger. Like how Arbitrum calculated their airdrop. First, here are 5 tasks on TaskOn. They vary from easy, like following a Twitter account or joining a DC channel, to bridging.

zkSync airdrop

Source: Twitter

I have done one task, so you get an idea of what to do for the other 4 tasks. Hurry, since these tasks may have only 1 or 2 more days left to complete. This task expires on 1st July.

  1. SyncSwap 
  • The easy part is to follow them on Twitter and retweet. 
  • You also need to follow them on Discord.
  • Now, there are 3 more easy tasks. You can follow TaskOn on 2 different Twitter accounts and join their DC. This will come back at all the other 4 tasks, so you don’t have to repeat these steps.
  • Swap $10 on SyncSwap.

I recommend using the Celer Bridge. It allows you to bridge with the BNB chain and its low gas fees. For example, if you opt for the zkSync Era Bridge, it only allows for Ethereum and high gas fees. However, you must bridge at least $20 worth of USDC on Celer. You only need $10 for the qualifying swap. The remaining $10, you can use for other tasks. This is what I did:

  • Get 20 USDC in any exchange. 
  • Send it to your EVM-compatible wallet, like MetaMask, Rabby, Phantom, or BackPack. 
  • Now connect to the Celer bridge and send your 20 USDC to zkSync Era (make sure to install this network on your wallet).
  • Once it is in your wallet, swap $10 USDC for any other cryptocurrency. For example, ETH.
  • Total costs about $1.5 for bridging.
  • Now you can go through the other 4 TaskOn tasks.

zkSync review

Source: Twitter

Other TaskOn tasks are on:

  • Orbiter – Social media tasks and bridge at least 0.005ETH from any chain to zkSync Era. Low costs and fast, it took me about 3 minutes. Expires 1st July.
  • Rhino.fi6Social media tasks and cross any token to/from zkSync via Rhino. Expires 27th June.

Another way to qualify is to register a domain name. There are two services that offer this.

  1. zkSync Name Service.
  2. Buy zk.

Both cost around $6-$7 for a 1-year period. So, let’s move on to my 2nd pick. If you want to read more about zkSync airdrop, check out this article.

#2: Polygon zkEVM

In May 2023, Polygon launched its zkEVM mainnet L2. So, you may ask yourselves, why do we need this? There is already an L2 by Polygon, right? So, the zkEVM L2 uses zero-knowledge proof. Remember, with Zk tech, you can prove something without revealing any important information. 

Polygon zkEVM airdrop

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, on this zkEVM L2, everything is the same as on Ethereum. That’s both for developers and us, the users. For example,

  • Code.
  • Tooling.
  • Apps.

You can use them, as you would on Ethereum. However, with lower transaction costs and higher throughput. In other words, scalability should be no problem.  Polygon is a sidechain. On the other hand, they built zkEVM direct on top of Ethereum. In other words, it’s equal to EVM. The Polygon L2 is EVM compatible.

As a result, zkEVM uses ETH for gas fees instead of MATIC. However, I still expect this potential airdrop to be in MATIC.

So, Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founder, mentioned: “There is no rule that an existing token can’t do a massive airdrop.’ This statement caused a few people to see this as a confirmed airdrop. I’m a bit more conservative on this. So, let me say that I expect this to be a likely airdrop. 


Source: Twitter

So, let’s dive into this airdrop:

  • For starters, add the Polygon zkEVM network to your wallet. This can be your MetaMask, Rabby, or any other compatible EVM wallet. You will find this on ChainList.
  • Now it’s time to bridge some ETH from the mainnet to zkEVM. You can use the native bridge or the Orbiter bridge.
  • Using the native bridge will cost me 0.003ETH or around $5.65. However, if I use the Orbiter bridge, it will cost me $0.56, this bridge refunds 60% to 70%. Furthermore, you may qualify for a future Orbital airdrop. And another bonus, it only lasts around 30 seconds. The native bridge may take a lot longer.

So, that was not a difficult choice. I picked the Orbiter Bridge. Now it’s time to start working with your funds. Here we also have another choice. QuickSwap is currently the only app on the mainnet Beta. So, let’s move on over. So, how many times you interact with this chain or wallet is important. You want to keep coming back on a weekly basis. For instance:

  • Swap.
  • Provide liquidity.
  • Farm.

First, I imported MATIC and wETH to my MetaMask. You can find the token contracts on the zkEVM scanner. Swapping some of my transferred ETH to Matic cost me $1.15, so fees are higher than expected. Now swap the MATIC back to ETH. However, I also ran into some other issues:

  • Telling me there are insufficient funds, which is incorrect.
  • The transaction didn’t go through because the gas calculation was wrong.

My advice is to stay patient and keep on trying. Although it’s their mainnet, it’s still a Beta version. So, instead, I tried to use their pool and add ETH/wETH and MATIC. 

  • First, I swapped some ETH to wETH on their swap.
  • Thereafter, I headed over to the wETH/MATIC pool.

Once you’re done, you can transfer your funds out of zkEVM, and back to mainnet, using Orbiter again. And don’t forget, the SupraOracles airdrop is live again. Each week they add a new Mission. Also, the Venom tasks keep going. They added 2 more new tasks to complete.

So, let me know how you like these airdrops. Were you already on the receiving end of such an airdrop? Drop us a line in the comments.

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