Ontology, Kaiyun Delivery to Empower NEV Industry

Ontology recently announced a collaboration with Kaiyun Delivery to empower the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry with its blockchain technology.

Ontology disclosed that they would provide full tech support to Kaiyun Delivery to enhance its activities. To note, Kaiyun Delivery is a comprehensive logistics service provider that specializes in urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries.

According to the announcement, the Korean firm will fully utilize Ontology resources in the blockchain industry. As a result, this would improve the efficiency of urban deliveries and lower costs.

Additionally, Ontology noted that it would not only provide full tech support to Kaiyun Delivery but also accelerate the integration of resources on all levels. This would include digitizing the behaviors of the participants of the entire chain. It would also enable information sharing at all links, creating mutual trust among multiple parties. Moreover, the collaboration would facilitate fully mobilizing industry resources to form a more efficient and easy-to-use transport capacity model.

Improving transportation capacity

According to a Medium blog post detailing the collaboration, this would improve the transportation capacity. Essentially Kaiyun would record all data on the blockchain via a customized decentralized application (DApp). This would enable users to keep track of their product status in real-time as well as check the location of vehicles, drivers, track vehicle paths. It would also help companies better analyze real-time operations and carry out precise capacity allocation, greatly improving efficiency.

Additionally, the partnership will enable delivery drivers’ behavior information to be recorded on the blockchain. This, in turn, would effectively guarantee their safety and rights. It would also provide a scientific reference for the business-level customized delivery system. Notably, details such as delivery statues and changes in vehicle paths will be fully transparent, leading to greater user experience for the recipients.

Ontology remarkable progress

The partnership with Kaiyun shows the remarkable growth of Ontology as it continues to thrive in the industry. It had recently extended its ecosystem into the gaming world as its official wallet, ONTO, began supporting non-fungible tokens (NFT). Besides, Ontology has exhibited a profound interest in venturing into decentralized finance (DeFi) projects with recent collaborations with Aave, 1inch, and Kyber.


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