bnb gas fees review

5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 1

Gas fees are something that we as crypto users get used to. Of course, we enjoy free or low gas fees and fast transactions....
How Emerging Markets use Binance P2P

How Emerging Markets Access Crypto with Binance P2P

Cryptocurrency adoption across the world is surging. The industry has captured mainstream attention and is slipping into every region and country worldwide. Many have...
How Important is the BscScan?

How Important is the BscScan?

Blockchain explorers play a significant role in blockchain technology's transparency.  A block explorer is a web application that lets you look up information about...
Futures Trade

How To Trade Futures on Binance?

Futures trading is a common pick for traders who want to trade on the price movement of a financial asset in the future (such...
Sideways market

How Do You Trade A Sideways Market?

The term "sideways market" refers to price movement where the price varies within a tight range over an extended length of time without trending...
Spot Trade on Binance

How to Spot Trade on Binance

You have been considering buying your first Bitcoin. However, you find it quite intimidating. That's understandable, and we all had to go through that....
Fibonacci Extensions

How Do Fibonacci Extensions Work?

Fibonacci extension levels are quite helpful in understanding market reversals and potential resistances. Simply put, Fibonacci extension levels are the critical points from which...
bsc scan review

BscScan – What It Is and How It Works

If you've been in the crypto space, Binance has witnessed many changes. Born in 2017, it has since risen to become the largest exchange...
Bitcoin Rainbow Chart

Is The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart Reliable?

A crypto rainbow chart was made for Bitcoin in 2014 to show how its price changed over time. Many Bitcoin investors have used this...
What Is the Cheapest, Easiest Way to DCA During the Bear Market?

What Is the Cheapest and Easiest Way to DCA During Bear Market?

During a bear market, it's harder to find a good investment strategy. There are a couple of options out there. Dollar cost averaging, or...