The Zeus Network’s goal is communication between blockchains without the complexity of bridging. The Apollo dApp on the Zeus Network is launching its testnet today. And Apollo’s objective is to bring Bitcoin and Solana together.

Let’s look more at the Apollo dApp and its testnet.

About Apollo

Apollo is the Zeus Network’s first app. The network wants to tap into Bitcoin’s liquidity and bring it over to Solana. The Apollo dApp is, according to the team, a “permissionless wrapper for Bitcoin to Solana”.

Apollo allows Bitcoin staking on Solana through its $zBTC token. It’s a 2 way pegged token 1:1 with Bitcoin. The idea here is pretty simple.

There are billions of dollars worth of BTC lying around doing nothing. And along with that, Solana would like to see more liquidity within its ecosystem. Thus, Zeus Network and the Apollo solutions.

TestNet Begins Today

Starting today, Apollo opens up its testnet. Anyone can use it and you can earn by helping the team Alpha test the app.

You can find the full directions here on what you can do during testnet.

But here’s a quick and dirty on it.

  1. Go to the Apollo Testnet
  2. Connect your Wallet. While it looks like any Solana will do the job, there is a native integration for Phantom Wallet. So if you have that, I’d recommend starting there.
  3. Sign and Confirm your Solana Wallet
  4. Claim $tBTC. This is the testnet version of the wrapped BTC the app will use
  5. Deposit your $tBTC

When the mainnet is live, the Zeus Network wrapped Bitcoin or $zBTC will act like a liquid staking token for Bitcoin. You will be able to use it on platforms like Solend or Kamino Finance to earn yield on your BTC.

More integrations and functionality are coming. But then again, that’s why it’s in testnet now. So try out the Apollo testnet if you are interested in earning yield on your Bitcoin or using your Bitcoin on the Solana Network.

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