This Crypto Ecosystem Can Be the Next SOLANA

Coinbase’s Base hit over $2 billion Total Value Locked (TVL). It has almost 2xed over the last 25 days. Unfortunately, Base has no native token. So we do not see this TVL growth contribute to a token price pump like Solana (839%).

But, all this growth seems to be coming in from the upcoming Airdrops and Meme Coins. And this is where we can seize some really big gains like Solana meme coiners or airdrop hunters. In short, this video will answer two of the hottest questions + and share a Big Bonus News, will Base ever have its native token? Which base memecoins and airdrops should you keep your eyes on? Let’s dive in.

Base: A New Contender in Blockchain Innovation

For those of you who don’t know much about Base, it is a secure and low-cost Ethereum layer-2 solution built to scale the user base on-chain. You can choose to skip this part if you know the advantages of Base. Base offers several advantages and that is why within a short period, it has accumulated a TVL worth $2 billion. A quick rundown of its advantages:

  1. Low gas fee – this makes it ideal for DeFi, gaming, and NFTs.
  2. Fast transaction times – Much faster than Ethereum’s transactions.
  3. Ease of Use as it is integrated with Coinbase which makes it easy for users to get started with on-chain applications

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Base was incubated within Coinbase which is a centralized exchange but it has plans to progressively decentralize in the years ahead. Lets us see how that will go.

Will Base have its Native Token?

Circling back to this big question. Will we see a native token for Base in the future? Well, Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, suggested in the past the possibility of a Base token in the future.

But, in a recent interview Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, confirmed that the cryptocurrency exchange has no plans to introduce a token for its layer-2 network, Base. So if you were planning to own a Base native token to make some gains during this upcoming memecoin airdrop frenzy on Base, get ready with your Plan B. Let me share my Plan B with you. But before that let me share the big bonus news with you.

Our favorite crypto bridge Wanchain has integrated Base To simplify Cross-Chain exploration for new crypto users. Wanchain’s CEO, Temujin Louie, has expressed that this integration is crucial because Coinbase is often the first point of contact for many newcomers. Temujin shared that even Wanchain is observing a shift in demand towards Base by the new users. This emphasizes the need for an interoperability solution to support often isolated Layer 2 protocols building on Base. This is a great move by Wanchain.

Which Base Memecoins and Airdrops Should You Keep Your Eyes On?

Here is something interesting. It took 203 days for Coinbase’s Base network to notch $1 billion in total value locked but only 25 days to reach $2 billion.

But according to industry experts, it is the memecoins and airdrops that are driving the next wave of adoption on base. We have just witnessed Solana having a crazy meme coin season. Thousands of millionaires were made overnight. But remember: Investing in memes is high risk. Only bet what you can afford to lose.

As we are not experts in picking altcoins. I have been following some influencers who have previously identified high potential memecoins. Let take a look at what Xremlin suggests:

  • $TOSHI: TOSHIPrice: $0.00055  》MC: $235MToshi_base → Memecoin is based on Brian Armstrong’s beloved cat named after Satoshi Nakamoto.You can buy it on Uniswap.


Price: $0.016  》MC: $204M

degentokenbase → Memecoin project that distributed a significant portion of its supply to Farcaster users upon launch.

Liquid CEXs/DEXs for buying: Uniswap.


Price: $0.02078  》MC: $20M

Briun_Armstrung → Memecoin based on caricatured Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Liquid CEXs/DEXs for buying: Uniswap.

  • $TYBG: TYBGPrice: $0.0004  》MC: $57Mtybasegod→ “Base God” meme coin, self-proclaimed as “The most based meme on Base.”Liquid CEXs/DEXs for buying Uniswap.

  • BALLZ: WOLFWIFBALLZPrice: $0.046  》MC: $46MWolfWifBallz → Memecoin inspired by a daring wolf. But when we checked this Twitter handle, it was suspended. So just be a little careful. 

    Liquid CEXs/DEXs for buying: @MEXC_Official, @JupiterExchange, @RaydiumProtocol.

Base Airdrops

Moreover, the anticipation of new protocols launching on Base and the potential for ecosystem airdrops present a lucrative prospect for users and investors.

The most profitable protocols launching on Base may have a good chance of launching an airdrop. These include bridges like Across and Stargate, decentralized exchanges like ODOS and Aerodrome, and lending protocols like Moonwell and Seamless.

Our airdrop hunter Camille Lemmens is always on the lookout for the biggest and hottest airdrops and we will keep you posted. Make sure you subscribe and press that bell icon to get notified.


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