Arcana Network: Leading Innovation with Validium Tech

Arcana Network provides innovative products and services powered by Validium technology.

Their products boost user experiences across diverse industries. This includes gaming, real-world assets, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Arcana Network 2024: Advancing Validium Tech for Diverse Industries

Clients rely on Arcana Network for its expertise and extensive offerings. They provide advanced tools to streamline operations and customized solutions for specific challenges. They also deliver superior performance, security, and efficiency that define their approach. As a result, their experienced team makes clients have their data secure with a smooth execution.

Arcana Network announced its 2024 Roadmap. It highlights a strategic focus on design, technology, and the $XAR token. Here’s a glimpse of what lies ahead:

Q2 – 2024
  • XAR Staking V1 launch in April ’24. This includes early rewards for loyal supporters and incentives for long-term commitment.
  • DKG V2 and Arcana Auth launches, with enhancements like batching and DPSS.
  • SendIt Upgrades. This will integrate Arcana’s Gasless SDK to gasless sends. Also, it will include off-ramp features for crypto-to-fiat conversion.
  • Arcana Validium Testnet launch. It features DKG V2 testing and onboarding of initial validator partners. It uses Polygon CDK and Avail for DA.

Q3 – 2024
  • MPC as a Service on Testnet implementation.
  • The Conditional Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) will enable trust-minimized computations across decentralized nodes.
  • Mention how it caters to both Web3 transactions and Web2 computations.
  • $XAR Staking V2 launch on Arcana Validium Mainnet.
  • Explain how protocol-based staking enhances economic security and rewards long-term believers.
  • Mention how it strengthens the network’s foundation.

Q4 – 2024
  • Arcana Validium Mainnet launch.
  • Arcana supports transitions of customers to Validium. Also, welcoming newcomers to a realm of speed and UX-centric decentralized services.

Arcana’s 2024 Roadmap focuses on secure innovative solutions centered around users. This approach is pushing the network towards its goal of creating a decentralized future.


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