We’ve mentioned Creta World a couple of times lately. Interestingly, our gaming community is vibing with it. Creta’s gaming ecosystem is one with potential. It goes beyond quality games. Creta is an entire ecosystem of fun and creativity. They’ve successfully merged NFTs, metaverses, and gaming. 

Guess what? Creta World is staying busy! You know how some projects fizzle out after the initial hype? Not Creta. They’re sticking to their roadmap. If you’re hunting for the next big gaming scene, Creta might just be it. And you are still EARLY here, too. This article is a glimpse at some of their recent community updates. 

The Creta Nexus Event in Japan

Creta has a huge following in Asia. Recall that gaming legends Yoshiki Okamoto and Thomas Vu are involved in the project. So, they recently held an event where they showcased their recent achievements. This includes a new Dayroot Battle Arena game in the Creta Multiverse. The event is part of Creta’s commitment to community development. What are games without an active community? The Creta team prioritizes community. 

Creta Nexus is a game development support initiative. It allows creators to pitch their ideas to a gaming community. In return, they receive development assistance. Individuals who support any project will receive early access to the project. This includes exclusive products, in-game items, and other benefits based on their earnings. 

Creta also had a closed beta test for a new FPS game in the Creta Multiverse, Dayroot Battle Arena. The clip below shows a glimpse of game.

Dayroot Battle Arena is a cool new video game made by the Creta team. It lets you play in both first and third person. It embraces futuristic elements and takes the metaverse to a new level. The game is also part of the bigger Creta Multiverse.

Move beyond playing to owning

Creta’s biggest appeal isn’t in publishing amazing games. It also gives players a chance to become owners and create their own content. So, with Creta World, you go beyond playing high-end games to creating your own ideas. 

Creta has a studio with all the tools ready-made for you to create. Here’s the best part: You can share your creations with other users. And if they like it, you can set a price for it. 

Other updates

In other news, Creta recently announced an airdrop campaign. This means you stand a chance to earn free $CRETA tokens. To learn more about the airdrop, visit the Creta Twitter page. 

Creta also revamped its website. It’s more intuitive, and user-friendly. And it makes room for some of the project’s ongoing updates.

As I said above, we are still early on this one. But Creta is making a lot of big, smart moves.

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