AssetDash & WEN Coin Launch 'Elements' on WNS Standard

The “Elements” collection is not just another addition to the ever-expanding universe of NFTs.

AssetDash’s use of the WNS NFT Standard sets a new benchmark for creating and trading digital collections on the blockchain.

AssetDash’s ‘Elements’: A WEN WNS NFT Milestone

WNS (WEN New Standard) is a streamlined method for creating and managing NFTs.  It is compatible with Token2022 for seamless integration into the digital ecosystem. It’s made to be flexible, easy to use, and compatible with older systems.

The “Elements” collection embodies the essence of this innovation. Each NFT in the collection is a unique asset with a distinct story and significance, enriched by AssetDash’s features. Minted on WNS, these NFTs offer unmatched provenance and authenticity, raising the standard for digital collections.

An intriguing aspect of the “Elements” collection is the opportunity for holders of Vanta NFTs to engage in a unique exchange process. Vanta NFT owners can “burn” their assets to remove them from circulation and receive an “Element” NFT in exchange. This mechanism enables dynamic interactions between collections, offering collectors a new way to evolve their digital portfolios.

More About WEN

Recently, WEN has become the top socially active meme coin, outperforming $WIF and $MYRO, according to the latest crypto insights. This increase in social activity highlights WEN’s rising popularity and unmatched ability to engage the digital community.

This highlights WEN’s influence in the meme coin market and its role in shaping crypto’s social dynamics.


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