How to Verify your Qualification for STRK Tokens

Claiming STRK tokens is not just about receiving a digital asset. It’s a recognition of the vital roles individuals play in the blockchain ecosystem.

Below, we explore the nine pathways to know if you are eligible to claim STRK tokens.

1. Starknet Users

Eligibility hinges on having used Starknet more than five times across at least three separate months, transacting a total of $100 or more before November 15th, 2023, with a minimum balance of 0.005 ETH in your account on that date.

2. Starknet Community Members

Being an approved participant of the Early Community Member Program (ECMP) places you in the running for STRK tokens.

3. Starknet Developers

Developers who have made at least three commits to a Starknet repository listed in the Electric Capital report before November 15th, 2023, qualify, provided one of these commits was made in 2018 or later.

4. StarkEx Users

Usage of a StarkEx-based app at least eight times before June 1st, 2022, makes you eligible.

5. Ethereum Developers

Similar to Starknet developers, those who have made three or more commits to an Ethereum repository appearing in the Electric Capital report before November 15th, 2023, with at least one commit after 2018, are eligible.

6. EIP Authors

Authors or co-authors of an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) published on GitHub before November 15th, 2023, can claim STRK tokens.

7. Ethereum Stakers

Individuals who staked ETH up to the Merge on September 15th, 2022, are eligible, although claims cannot be made directly through the portal for those who staked via pools or exchanges. These providers are responsible for claiming and distributing STRK tokens.

8. Ethereum Protocol Guild Members

Membership in the Ethereum Protocol Guild as of November 15th, 2023, grants eligibility.

9. GitHub Developers

Making at least three commits to one of the top 5,000 repositories worldwide, ranked by stars before November 15th, 2023, and having at least one commit after 2018 qualifies you for STRK tokens.

To verify your eligibility, you should connect your Starknet wallet to this website. More info here.


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