7 Must-Have Solana Crypto Gems

Solana is the comeback kid. Who would have thought that in December 2022 when SOL hit $8. Good on you if you bought SOL back then and still hold it. You are a believer, many weren’t. But Solana’s fundamentals always stayed strong.

The team managed to turn things around. Good on them, with a current SOL price of $144. So, it’s time to take a closer look at some top Solana crypto gems. Coins that will look good in your portfolio.

Solana Meme Coins

So, let’s kick this off with the Solana meme coins. They’re not really up my alley, but in all earnest, $BONK is what revived Solana. 

Remember when SOL hit $8, back in December 2022? That’s also when $BONK hit the Solana streets. It was exactly what Solana needed to give it a push. $BONK is still around and has done over 7,000% during the last year. 

Other successful memecoins on Solana are $WEN and $WIF. $WEN is up by 570+% over the last 30 days and $WIF by 630%. It seems that the Solana meme season is still raging on. But Solana has more to offer than memecoins. So, let’s take a look at some other projects.

Jupiter ($JUP)

Jupiter is a DEX aggregator. It’s also the first of today’s Solana crypto gems. As a DEX aggregator, it means that it connects to various DEXes and finds the best price for you. But that’s not all, Jupiter offers quite a few more features. For example:

A limit order allows you to set your preferred conditions when buying or selling coins. With DCA, you can set purchases at fixed times and quantities. The aggregator opened its doors in October 2021. However, the $JUP token didn’t launch until 31st January 2024.

If you had used the platform, you could expect an airdrop. For example, the Phantom wallet swap option uses Jupiter. The minimum drop was 200 $JUP, now good for almost $300. If you used Jupiter a lot, you could have gotten a big airdrop. 

Jupiter plans more airdrops, apparently each year on the same date, 31st January. It’s one of the most used apps on Solana. So, keep an eye out for it.

Helium Network ($HNT) ($MOBILE)

$HNT and its $MOBILE token are a DePIN project. Now, we all know that this is a hot narrative in 2024. Helium is all about decentralized connectivity. In other words, make the internet available to everyone. The idea is that you run your hotspot service. 

Helium looks after the security. On the other hand, the hotspot owners share their internet resources. For this, they get a reward in the $HNT token. However, there’s more, there’s a second token, $MOBILE. This powers the Helium 5G project. Currently, that’s only available in the US. This launched back in Q1-2023.

Both tokens are doing well. $HNT is up by 370+% over the last year. 6 $MOBILE reached an ATH before Christmas 2023. Another interesting aspect is that Helium migrated to Solana. This happened in April 2023. Helium first had its own Layer 1 chain and network. Now it’s integrated with Solana.

Render Network ($RNDR)

With Render Network we stay in DePIN and AI. It’s one of the top Solana crypto gems. Render offers distributed GPU. That’s used by gamers, and foremost by AI. So, for the foreseeable future, the demand for GPU computational power won’t stop. In contrast, demand will most likely keep increasing.

So, what is interesting is that Render switched from Ethereum to Solana. That was in November 2023. It’s good to see that there are projects that had enough of the low speed and high transaction cost of Ethereum. 

However, there are always two sides of every coin. What I like less about Render is its decentralized aspect. It hosts its software on centralized providers. For instance, AWS and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It’s also a permissioned network. Other, similar platforms, like for example Akash, are much more decentralized. 

Nonetheless, I don’t want to spoil the party! $RNDR is doing great, it’s up well over 1050% over the last year. 4 It’s also the second biggest DePIN project by market cap.

Pyth Network ($PYTH)

Pyth Network is an oracle. Oracles are an important part of blockchain tech. Chains can’t communicate with the outside or real world. So, all information needs to come from another service, these are oracles. They supply chains and Dapps with crypto or gold prices, sports results, weather reports, and so on.

Pyth entered the scene in October 2021. However, it started to make noise late last year. It made waves and has some impressive statistics. For example, it’s available on,

  • 50+ blockchains.
  • 450+ data feeds.
  • 300+ Dapps.
  • 90+ million updates per day.

It’s a serious competitor to Chainlink, who was the king in this space. Pyth has a few advantages going for itself over Chainlink. For example, it updates data every few seconds. In contrast, Chainlink updates every few seconds. As a result, $PYTH seems to have an upward trajectory.

Solana NFTs

Solana is also known for its NFTs. Three projects deserve a mention:

  • Drip Haus: Free art. Sign up on their platform and support the artists. You can donate ‘droplets’ to them, which you need to buy, or get small amounts every 6 hours. Drip Haus is now in its third season and is experiencing unprecedented growth. However, it’s also memecoin season. Currently, Solana is having a slow chain. Of its theoretical 65,000 TPS, it only delivers 2,500 TPS at best. Drip Haus mints and delivers millions of NFTs a week and suffers because of this.
  • Mad Lads: The blue-chip collection on Solana. It’s a 10k collection with a floor of 200.9 SOL or $28,000. 
  • Tensorians: A 10k collection made by the Tensor marketplace. 5 If you hold a Tensorian, you receive exclusive drops or merch. It gives plenty of other perks as well. The floor is 54.34 SOL or $7,600.

So, that’s it for top Solana crypto gems. Did I cover your favorite project? If not, let me know in the comments which your favorite project is.


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